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What Is A Girl To Do?

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So I have only told 6 people at work so far that i'm having the sleeve done on July 2nd. There are another 3 that can probably guess that i'm doing this, or something like it. My boss doesn't know, just that i'm out on July 2nd and will not be back for 2 weeks. HR knows of course so that they can approve my medical leave. I haven't told anyone else or hinted at it with anyone. I haven't even told anyone that i'll be leaving at the end of June. I'm fluctuating between just letting it all out and to hell with what they think. Or to keep it under wraps. Unfortunately it may be out of my hands now. 2 of the people that know are loud....so the more they talk to me about it the better the chance that someone overhears (and understands) what i'm doing. And then there's the lady that found out today. I never meant for her to know. but there were three of us talking about sleep studies. she asks if i've had one too, of course I say yes. all of a sudden she's asking me if i'm having the lap band done. i'm not a good lier, and I can't hide things very well. I said no and after pushing me I told her I was having the sleeve. she too is a loud mouth. three rows of people can hear her talk about whatever. I asked her to not tell anyone and to not talk about it out loud. we'll see how long that lasts. I have a feeling that it will be around the department very soon. (she's a big gossiper too)


My boyfriend says so what, to f**k with whatever they say. it's my choice and my body. it's my life i'm saving, not theirs. and he's right, completely right. but I have to work with these people. I don't know, maybe I should just let it out.


Or.....I could just blurt it out on Facebook the day of the surgery.....since about 20 people from my department are facebook friends. that would get the word out REAL fast. hehehehe. my boyfriend says not too, but we'll see how I feel on surgery day.


decisions decisions


side thought....wonder if my wonderful mother (sarcastic) told anymore of my family? I'm not going to say anything to anymore of them. And if she continues to turn grandma against me and actively work to change my mind then she's not invited to be there on surgery day and I won't want to see her after that. she'll become a see you on holidays family member. I'm even thinking of moving out of state once I get some things straightened out. that would be a few years from now.


Phew! It's a lot to think about!


Till next time.....HUGS

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Aw, I am sorry you are having a hard time. You have a right to tell or not tell whoever you want. I wouldn't worry about people talking, you can't control people they will always talk. Only worry about you think. I have a told my department at work and a few work friends as well. I kind of wish I hadn't but who really cares. I am about to be hot, healthy and phenomenal so the haters can kick rocks. Good luck with your sleeve.

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