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Where Does The Weight Go?

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So I have a bit of a philosophical question. Now I've been stalled out for the last 1.5 weeks but somehow I've lost almost 2" around my waist. So where has the fat gone? It DEFINITELY hasn't gone to my butt (which is now bonier than an underfed horse and twice as uncomfortable to sit on!) and I must admit that I've given a bit of deep thought to this conundrum. Basically after researching all the scientific data that I could get my google-obsessed hands on I reached a major scientific breakthrough of an answer:


Worm holes.


Yep, worm holes. Basically we all have worm holes hooked up to us and as we lose inches (but not weight) the fat goes through the worm hole to another dimension where it floats around in 'space'. Since technically it's still attached to us (via worm hole thermonuclear physics and trans-dimensional laws of relativity ((I really love google! And Star Trek.))) the scales still count that fat. Yeah, it's a bit of a bummer but I figure if I ever get lost in the woods somewhere and can't find a bear to eat I can just reverse the worm hole and live off my stored fat. Kinda like a camel does water, or maybe a bear....


Okay, enough of the silliness (and I'm REALLY impressed if someone actually read this far. Give yourself a strawberry scratch-n-sniff sticker!). Today I had my 6 week checkup and I'm doing great. Thank goodness! These last few weeks have been hard but it's nice to know that everything is okay. Also, mom and I ate at Ruby Tuesdays and they have a surprising number of entrees that someone like me can eat. I think I about died and went to heaven when I found that they have a spaghetti squash pasta. Yeah, mmmmm, good! Granted I was only able to eat about 1/5 of it, but that's why people invented carry-out containers. Soooo good!


I hope all of ya'll are doing well!

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I'm more of a Stargate gal myself, so I assumed it has something to do with the space-time continuum, and possibly the Goa'uld. Just sayin.

Seriously though, I had that same issue myself the last two weeks. Stalled out, and miraculously dropped a pant size, despite dropping no weight. WTF.

Best not to question it, just go with the flow :D Congrats on your continued success!

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