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Not Yet Superlyra, But One Step Closer...

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So it's been a few days and a lot has happened in that time. I ended up having to go back to the hospital for them to check me out but luckily everything was easily fixed. Apparently when I threw up the first time it can cause your sleeve to constrict and get pissy, which can cause a cascade failure of epic upchucking. Which pulled and semi-tore some of my internal and external stitches. And because I couldn't keep anything down the ketones from the fat breakdown build up in your body and kidneys. Which don't have the liquid to properly flush them. Which means you get a lovely kidney/UTI infection. Which makes you feel worse. Yeah, do ya'll see where I'm going with this?


So they ended up giving me 2 bags of fluid, 1 plain saline and the other a 'banana bag' that is full of vitamins and stuff. Then they prescribed me 3 different "Stomach Be Good" medicines that I have to take for the next month. Seriously, though, I about cried when I could eat and drink without having burning/stabbing pain. Unfortunately the suture pain I'm just going to have to deal with but at least I can eat and drink!


So this little adventure set my physical recovery back, and I still have to go into work Thursday. My boss rocks, though, and I'm going to be honest that if it wasn't Mother's Day coming up the doctors recommended I take another week off. I think she'll let me work some half days so that's good.


Anyway, overall things are better and I'm back on track. Rock on and I hope ya'll are doing well too!

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Sorry you had so much pain and awfulness :-( I too threw up the 1st 2 days, couldn't even keep water down, but I didn't tear anything. I was very fortunate. I'm glad you were smart enough to go back to the hospital too. Sometimes us strong & self reliant women know too much for our own good ;-)

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Oh Heck that sounds just awful! Sorry you had a bad time, but glad you're on the road to recovery... I do hope going to work is not too soon....

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