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5 Weeks Post-Op

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Yesterday I was 5 weeks post-op. So far, the sleeve has been very good to me, and I have been good to it. I am following the plan the NUT gave me, and I have had no problems. I have lost 32lbs (including the pre-op diet). I count that because to me, that was a part of the sleeve journey that I had to go through. My current challenge is protein - sounds familiar huh? I cannot take another protein shake, shot, etc. I've tried numerous different "unflavored" protein powders, but can't stand the "feel" of the powder mixed with other things. I am also tired of chicken and tuna. I am going to town today to buy some thin sliced turkey deli meat, and will also buy some more talapia (it has 20g in each fillet). I guess I'll eat that until I get tired of it too.


A real challenge for me is that I get bored with foods really quick. I will eat tuna every day then after about 7-10 days, I don't want to see another bite of tuna. Same thing with chicken. I knew going into this that protein was the #1 necessity once I had the sleeve, but I guess it just didn't really hit home how important it was, or how challenging it was going to be to get it. I know that in about 2 more weeks, once I get on "regular" foods, protein will be a little less challenging, but until, onward and forward :)


My energy is WAY up - even from back before the surgery. I've lost 2 dress sizes (from a 24W to a 20W), and I'm walking 2.4 miles 3x a week. Prior to surgery, there was no way I could have walked even half that far without having to sit down and rest. I walk with a friend, and we even talk during the walk (and yes, we're walking, not strolling). Not that we aren't huffing and puffing that last little bit :P But just the fact that I can do that at all is amazing to me.


I plan on starting Yoga next week via a DVD (Yoga for Beginners). Thought this might help with some stretching of muscles and flexibility. Since I'm 50, I just don't have the range of motion that I used to have, so I hope this helps. Might even help me to "center" myself a bit more.


I have the Zumba DVD's and I'm a bit hesitant to start those yet. I think I'll save them until I've lost about 30 more pounds. I think it's going to really wear me out :D


This forum has been such a fantastic source of encouragement, education, and support, and I KNOW I would have never had the courage to take this step if I hadn't found it. What a fantastic group of folks!! Thank you to everyone out there who has been cheering me on, and mentoring me!

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