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7 Weeks Post Op--- Ups And Downs (Progress Pics)

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alright so here is the skinny..lol no pun intended.. my stats as of today


hw: 265lbs






As of today I am 53 lbs from goal. I had my first post op meeting with my surgeon a few days ago everything went well.. doc said im on track and infact that i have lost something equivalent to those on bypass surgery, which i took as a good thing. She said that im healing nicely and that i can return to full workouts...YAY!!!!! THAT MADE ME HAPPY. Im gonna really start working my abs now cuz i want to have a 6 pack.. or at least something that resembles a 6 pack.


So i have to admit.. lately i have been slackin on hitting the gym, but its cuz ive been really tired lately, i think a lot of it is due to the fact that i am NOT getting in my required amount of food and i keep forgetting to take my vitamins.. I know i know.. not good.. so im trying to get back on the horse and remember to take my vitamins and eat right.


I am gonna keep this blog short as i decided to slice my hand open and its kind of hard to type.. but ive added progress photos for you to see!




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WOW!!!! Absolutely amazing!!! I'm about 6-7 weeks and haven't seen anywhere the amount of difference that you have. Congrats!

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thanks guys... im workin my butt off... literally..lol

afro--- if you don't mind me askin what where your starting stats.. and what type of exercises are you doing.. maybe i can help with ideas on exercises.

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You look FANTASTIC!!! Keep up the great work. I am almost 8 months post op, and have lost alm ost 100 pounds. It is such an exciting journey! Keep going, you are doing great!

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I love the parrot picture! We have one in the neighborhood and he screams like someone is killing him LOL! Thank God he's far away where I don't have to hear it everyday LOL!

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