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My Life After Being Sleeved...

Sleevie WonderLand


Just yapping about the changes I've noticed since being sleeved. Some NSVs, some new revelations.



My relationship with food is more enhanced. Since my portions have decreased so much, I really have to savor and enjoy the food that I’m eating. I used to scarf my food down like I was afraid someone was gonna take it away from me. Now I actually TASTE and appreciate the food I’m eating. I used to taste it before too, but dining is now an experience for me where as before it was a task. Does that make sense to you? For example, I’ve been making Spinach Lasagna for my family for years, and they all rant and rave about how good it is. Before I didn’t really eat it, but this past New Years, I had a spoonful, and actually tasted all the herbs and different flavors of the cheeses. That was a great EXPERIENCE for me and my tastebuds.



I LOVE going to the gym. A year ago you couldn’t even pay me to step foot in a gym! I guess with the weight loss and the boost of confidence, I’m no longer worried about looking like a fat person trying to lose weight. I get to Planet Fitness, plug my headphones in and I become one with that treadmill, or bike, or ellipticall machine. I have never been this amped and motivated to get in shape. I think getting in shape is the key to this – I’m not focusing on losing weight because that is happening any way. I’m focusing on toning my body and getting my endurance up and seeing that progress makes going to the gym a very enjoyable experience.



I don’t know how to shop for clothing anymore! It’s like I’m a stylist trying to give someone a makeover! I’m not complaining because it’s fun! I’m trying on clothes that I would never have considered in my pre-sleeved life. I got so accustomed to going right into Lane Bryant and the other big girl stores and settling for all the oversized blouses and tent like dresses they offer us. I’m not necessarily ready to shop in a skinny girl store for all my clothing yet, but it’s nice to be able to walk into a “regular” store and have the option to wear some of their clothing and not just the jewelry. I loved to shop before, but now that my options for stores to shop in have doubled, I’m in heaven!!!



On another note, my ass and boobs have left the building. I wasn’t a Dolly Parton Kardashian candidate before, but now my profile looks like that of a door. You gotta see how I’m going after that glute machine in that gym. SMH. Been looking for “booty pop panties” on EBay and Amazon.



New adventures in grocery shopping too! I was never a label reader up until about 2 years ago. Even then I was really only focusing on finding foods that had aspartame in them because I’m trying to stay away from it as much as I can. I would also glance at fiber content, as I like to know that my fam is eating foods rich in fiber. Now I find myself comparing everything to see what has the most protein in it.



I am losing my hair. It’s coming out at the root. It’s my fault though because I’ve been neglecting my vitamin regimen as usual. I know, I know. Gotta get my vitamins in, it's essential to my well being.



I can see my pubes. My stomach hung so low before that it covered my lady parts.



I have gotten comfortable with telling people that I’ve changed my eating habits when they say “What are you doing to lose the weight?”. I tell them that my portions have gotten way smaller, and I’m more aware of what I’m putting in my mouth. I tell them that I’m also going to the gym, trying to get to a healthier place. Who says I have to mention the part about being sleeved?



I sat in the movie theatre with my sons to watch the Chipmunks movie the other day. The seat was comfortable. Its usually to snug and I end up having to scooch my self forward to get out of the seat without bruising my hips. Now, no problem. Will definitely be going to the movies a lot more from now on.



I have to brush my teeth several times a day. I guess since we have to chew our food so much that we’re more susceptible to plaque. I just know that I hate that feeling – the cheesy film that you feel when you run your tongue across your teeth. Instead of twice a day, I’m up to 4 to 5 times for toothbrushing. Flossing is becoming more frequent too.



I have to get my wedding rings sized. They look like hula hoops when I put them on my finger now.



Everytime I see someone who is obese I want to run and tell them about the sleeve.



I’m realizing that since I’ve gotten more accustomed to my sleeve, the less I get on to VST and the less I have to vlog about on Youtube. I now understand why so many people are all in for months at a time, and then they just disappear and return a year later to announce their “surgiversary.” Once life with your sleeve becomes normal, there isn’t much to report.


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Since I had the band, I had to eat slowly anyway. I was always the last one finished at our table, but often overate anyway. Now I might actually finish with everyne else since my portions will be that much smaller. I like the idea of putting your fork down between bites- a held fork is just a shovel when held continually.

Still on liquid diet, I am ready for the day I get to start solids, but I will have to wait. (5 days post op)

Thank you for your encouraging post. You Go Girl!

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Oh and for the hair loss. When I had my band done 10 years ago, I found a great product that helped out A LOT. it is called NIOXIN. Bionutrient protectives treatment. For clenically enhanced hair, scalp treatment for Early Stages of Thin Looking Hair. Also hit Biotin 5K mg per day. Hopefully this will help.

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OMG I'm 1 week post op and reading you blog made me laugh when you said your ass and boobs left the building I had to hold my stomach and laugh as hard as my incisions would let me. Yes the Vitamins are very very important especially if you want to keep your own hair. Hit those vitamins and your hair will grow back. You might need some extra biotin to help ya along. Keep up the good work. :)

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Hairloss slowed down tremendously.

Wearing size 10, sometimes 12 clothing. Oh, and I can wear my shirts tucked in to my pants and not look like the michelin man!

Still not taking vitamins the way I should, but I'm doing better than I was.

Just about at goal weight, I like the way I look in my clothing.

Still hitting the glute machine in the gym. Now my booty is firming up but its still flat as hell. smh

my boobs have turned into prunes with raisins on the ends as nipples.

I finally weigh less than my husband. What an awesome feeling to not feel like I'm gonna smother him.

I started telling people that I do weight watchers. Its' easier for them to believe you when you tell them that because they compare the weight loss to Jennifer Hudson. When I was telling them before that I changed my eating habits, for some reason it was harder for them to comprehend. Try the weight watchers story, they'll leave you alone.

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Oh yeah, the extra skin...my arms, thighs, stomach... I hate it. If I could get rid of it, I'd probably be 20 pounds lighter than I am now. I've tried everything, nothing is really working for me. I can feel my muscles underneath the skin firming up, but the skin is just hanging on.

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