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Getting Closer



24 days out from surgery.


My first blog.


Figure I've lurked on this forum long enough. Time to actually get involved, maybe it will make this whole process seem more real. Right now it hasn't really sunk in yet that in less than a month my life will be changed forever.


I guess I've been on auto pilot since I took the next step and setup my psych eval and diet appointment.


I went to the mandatory seminar back on August 20th with my husband and had kind of decided on the band but was thinking about the sleeve also.


I then went to my consultation on August 26th and decided the sleeve would be a better option for me. My Husband expressed concerns over the risks of dying since there's a higher chance with the sleeve so I kind of backed off the idea and put it on the back burner for a month or two. Then I guess at some point we had another talk and he knows this is really what I want to do, so now he supports me 100%.


Now it's all been happening so fast. I had my upper endoscopy, diet consultation and psych eval all basically in the month of November. My preop appointment is November 28th and Surgery is set for December 12th.


I guess that's the only bright side of having shitty insurance and being cash pay is you don't have to wait on approval.


So now I'm just going through the motions trying to get everything lined up.


Today I was able to move enough money over to my savings account to cover the cost of surgery less 5000 which will be put on my Care Credit card, probably going with the no interest for 18 months route. Payments shouldn't be too bad then.


Also got my new "Blender Bottle" today and tried it out. I really like it, made mixing the powder in very easy. Also got a magic bullet type appliance. Figure I'll need it to get through the preop diet easier. Not looking forward to starting that on the 28th. I'm going to do my best and not pig out on Thanksgiving like its my last meal ever. lol


I did try another protein shake flavor today, Chike's Orange Creme with just water. Ugh definitely didn't like that.

Going to try a few more flavors before I decide on which one I want to go with.

The dietician recommended either Chike, Muscle Milk Light, EAS Myoplex, Adkins Advantage, or Body Fortress. So far I've only tried Chike.


On another note, my husband found a gym buddy and is going to start going to the gym 5 days a week next Monday. I think this will really help me with my process since we'll be able to motivate each other to stick with good habits.


Anyways this has become more of a book than a blog. lol

We'll have to see if I can keep up with this blog thing.


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I have 20 days till my surgery, I was reading everyone elses blogs and I thought the same thing so i have posted a couple of things myself. It is kinda scarry reading other peoples blogs and the problems some have had, I am going in with a psoitive attitude and pray nothing goes wrong. I am having my surgery in mexico, I skipped going threw the insurance. I have the band on now I have had it for 15yrs and have hated every day of it, I have put all my weight back on, so there aare taking my band off then the sleeve at the same time only costing me 5000.00 total. The surgeon that is doing my surgery has done more of these surgeries then any other doctor in the united states and in cananda. I bought my personal blinder too, I havent tried mine yet, I didnt get the bullet, I bought my at sams club, I as wondering what kind of protein to get I wrote them down that you had on your blog.

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I am having my surgery on the 12th of Dec. also! I am hoping all goes well... I'm starting to get kind of nervous. I know it is for the best though. Good Luck with everything.

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Surgery on Dec 5th, in TJ mexico with Dr Ramos Kelly ;) my emotions are running wild already. Happy I made the decision, excited about the trip but nervous about how things will go and afterwards. I have heard many of Dr Kelly's pts comment on his wonderful care and kindess but some of my family bring up all the "complications like DEATH" that could happen and say that I am not overweight enough to get the surgery. I feel it is in my best interest and i wan to get off the yo yo dieting and ups and downs of wt. I will be keeping an eye on your posts ladies and wishing you all the luck. :)

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