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I hit a 3 week stall. I had started exercising like a mad woman. I wanted so much to break 200 pounds for the first time in years. I was walking 2-4 miles a day plus a 30 min walk on my lunch at work.


Nothing. I went to see my doctor for my 3 month check up. I complained about the 3 week stall. My dietitian looked at my exercise and food journal. I was worried maybe I was getting too many carbs.


She smiled as I complained bitterly about the 3 week stall. "Well, Stalls do happen. We have to be patient with them- but I can tell you something that I have noticed." I braced myself for her to tell me to stop putting creamer in my tea of the mornings.


"You have probably never heard this before in your life- but you aren't getting enough calories."


She laughed at my stunned look.


She went on to tell me 3 months into the surgery she wanted me to be shooting for 1000-1200 calories a day. On my big eating days I was gettin 600. She said with the amount of exercise I had been getting I was sending my body into starvation mode- and it was just getting used to surviving on so few calories.


Humm. I didn't walk yesterday. Mom and I ate at a steakhouse. I had 3 bites of salad, 2 bites of steak and 3 bites of potato. No bread- I don't have room in my belly for that.


Later that day I even had dessert. Now I know when Marsha told me to get more calories she didn't mean sweets. Don't hate on me. It was a special occasion and I had 5 bites. 5 very small bites.


I got on the scales this morning and I was 200.0. No Way! There was no way I was going to go about my day being 1 small ounce away from onederland. So, I took off my socks- swapped my chucky glasses for contacts and blew my nose. 199.6 I was so excited i threw a robe on and ran downstairs to get my camera.


I hopped back on the scale camera in hand waiting to snap shot the moment I hit onderland. 201.3


Oh how I moped. I brushed my hair and grumbled. Then it hit me- I weighed myself with my camera in my hand.


I tried it again this time had the camrea ready- but sitting on the sink. ONEDERLAND.


I am excited. very excited. I have saved fireworks for just this occasion. It has been bitter cold these days but I am thrilled I will get to set them off before we are covered up in snow. wooooohoooooo

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I can so relate to your story and the scale...LOL! I am a long ways from ONEderland..but when I finally got to the TWOriffics! I felt the same way! Congrats dear! Loved the story, thanks for sharing!

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Yay!!!! I stalled at 200 too. Congrats. I am so happy for you!!!! I love your story. It makes Onderland very memorable.

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