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weight lost after surgery,

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Hi everyone,its been about 3 months sence I've posted anything,lust a little about my journey,It was a long road completing the test we all have to go through,the Phyc,nutritionist,6 month weight management and all the other many countless test we put our self through to look fabelous..and this goes for our men as well,I am 3 months out,Post-po and I am 40lbs gone forever,

just remember this is a life changing adjustment,you have to change your whole life...not just your eating,you have to change your thinking as well,and most of all DO NOT GO AND BUY ANY CLOTHING untill you are atleast 1 year out at least not a lot of clothing....because you will loose weight so rapidly you will be upset with yourself for spending the money...so word to the wise, love who you are and enjopy the ride because it get s better than this just I hope you are ready for it....I started out with a weight of 274lbs and now today I am currently 230lbs...first you have to make sure you have a Gym or an exercise regemin or walking a lot because with all the energy that you have you need something to focus it on....if you do the weight will come off faster than you think...I walk 3 days a week and my weight is at a 10lb a month and a lot people does and can do a lot better than this..Just look me up on FB-facebook and there is a personal support group you can ask questions and talk to a few people and most of all the encouragement is wonderful...look for Marnetta Miller...and the group is VSG for me...see you there!!!

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