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Another blow-by-blow VSG surgery experience. Shout out to SeattleSue!

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Sleevie WonderLand


The post below is quite amusing, and comes in parts so you'll have to find the post on VST to get the entire story. It's so well written and informative, it'd do you good to read it, especially if you're contemplating surgery in Mexico.









:o I'm home! I'm home! Oh, it's so good.... :rolleyes: Well, I promised details and I won't sugar coat it but I want to start by saying: I have no pain (except for the first day...) and was up and walking within hours of surgery, have no nausea or reflux. I'm drinking 40+ oz of water, some broth, and eating jello with no problem. I have NO hunger. I've been walking 1/2 mile or more per day.... If I woke up with amnesia and someone told me I had major surgery on Thursday, I'd say, "Liar." :D


RECAP: I'm a self pay, Mexico patient. My story "sleeve" story started about six weeks ago when I begrudgingly attended a WL Seminar to hear about the 'band'. I went thinking maybe things had improved and maybe, just maybe it was time to reconsider getting the band. Then, the clouds parted and heavenly music played~~Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. Wow. Shiny. Must know more...


Fast forward to July 6. I fly out, San Diego bound with my dad in tow (resume includes lots of Mexico experience, big guy--big arms, street smart). I'm 43 and 19 years married with teens. So, there is no hang-up about hubby not being with me...he's just not the best choice for me because he cannot stand to not understand what's going on. Mexico is not conducive to making my baby a calm companion. No harm, no foul...he is happy to stay with the kids on this trip! :lol:


Before we hit the gate, Ricardo (our driver) is on the phone finding out if we are curbside yet. We agree to call as soon as we are...and sure enough, 2 minutes later we are safely ensconced in the silver Honda Civic, weaving our way toward the border. Ricardo speaks EXCELLENT English and is very knowledgable of the whole "sleeved in Mexico" process. He probably picks-up and delivers most of Dr. Kelly's patients...and he also runs for another. Anyway...all that to say that he is an excellent source of info, he's got the Doc's on speed dial, and is professional in that he calls ahead to confirm details with you. Good guy! As a side note, if you mention the theory that chewing gum is NOT allowed because it causes your stomach to make and release stomach juices/acids, he will have to pay me a royalty. So I appreciate your help there. :lol:


Arrive Florence Clinic and are met by Trish as Ricardo delivers us to the reception area. The bldg. looks just as pictured on the exterior, the garden/courtyard is nice. I would liken the reception area to a 'nice' office or professional bldg. That changes as we are led to our room in the back corridor. The impression is less professional office and more motel. It's clean and you'll have everything you need, but really...it's like a motel room with surplus hospital furnishings.


I'm given yet another health history form by the head nurse, Jessica. She speaks very good English also. Trish is a bubbly joy, Dr. Kellly is quiet and trying to greet me and give instruction/answer questions, Jessica the head nurse is speaking rapid spanish to a trio of nurses, and things are frankly, CHAOS. Everything happening at once. I found it amusing that no one respects that the Dr. is speaking and everyone has their own agenda. :huh: It feels like I'm standing on some trading floor. Eventually Trish and Dr. Kelly leave...and I'm left filling out the health history form that Jessica was requiring.


There is some discussion about whether I will or will not have labs tonight, the people have gone...then they are there...then I am getting my IV so they can kill 2 birds with one stone. Take blood, get I.V. si? hahahha Let's just say that I am one of those that has to hydrate well before having blood drawn. So, as Maria (not so good English...Ok, virtually none) is trying to find a vein in my right hand, I'm suggesting she try my left as I am right handed and will need that hand for things. Important things, like wiping my butt? OK...I know that there is one or more of you out there that are worried about the 'bathroom logistics/gymnastics' of dealing with hygiene will having several incisions in your belly. Am I right?


Maria can't locate a vein by touch and understands enough of what I'm saying to move to the left hand. After about 10 minutes, she decides she needs to find someone 'to help' si? Si!


In about 2 minutes, Maria returns with 2 other nurses. Oh great, this one is NOT listening to my suggestion of 'left hand please' and Maria cutely tries to convey the same message. NOPE, guess the boss has arrived. She massages my hand for about 10 minutes and is pumping the 'ball' of my thumb. She's in. I have half a roll of tape now on my right hand holding this fragile accomplishment in place. :( Bathroom issues are now raging in my head as, gulp, I have also started my period that morning. OMG This is NOT going to be OK. Si? NADA!


-----I gotta take a break and go to bed. I'm tired after my trip today and need to take a shower! A loooooooooooooong shower followed by a looooooooooooong sleep in my own bed. I'll finish tomorrow.










Source: NEW NAME? "Sleeved in Seattle"

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Wow, thanks for the shout-out KayyyBeee...and for the compliment. Let me return one, GIRRLLL You are beautiful. A real stunner; old school style. I can TOTALLY see you singing!!! I'm thinking Brooklyn Tab style hahahahaha A little Kirk Franklin...

You've inspired me to start my own blog, so thanks a bunch. I'm looking forward to following your journey too.

All the best,


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*bowing down to SeattleSue*

I've become such a SeattleSue groupie (in some states it could be considered stalking) since reading your posts about your VSG experience. I can feel your vibe and spirit through your writing, and I'm totally hyped about you saying that I'm your inspiration for your blog.

As for singing...I can carry a tune, but I'm definitely not at the Kirk Franklin level!

Just promise me that you'll continue to post/blog...you HAVE to keep sharing your writing gift with us. Your sleeve will stop working if you dont. tongue.gif

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