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Finally I have a date



I am so excited. :D After months of jumping through hoops I finally have an official date for surgery. July 13th. Its amazing that actually having a date brings out everyones opinions. I have been told I will not lose anything with surgery, that I am making a mistake, that I will forever regret having this surgery, that I needed to research it more, that I was taking the easy way out. When someone pops off with anything negative I find solace in the fact that I have researched the sleeve for well over a year as well as have been wanting to have WLS surgery for 6 years now. I do not argue with anyone that has a negative opinion I am just going to let my success prove to them. Thanks to everyone on here for the good, bad and ugly posts about your experience with the sleeve. I will hopefully be posting more now that my date is official.


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Woo Hoo!! Congratulations!!

Let me guess, most of these well wishers aren't obese? If they only know what it was like to live this way they would surely change their minds.

Enjoy your success, you deserve it!

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Congratulations on your date.

My date is on the 6th. I feel like @ this point people are going to have their opinions, either good or bad. When it is all said and done the decision is ultimately yours. I felt like people weren't concerned about my health when I was getting bigger and bigger, so why would they care about me now that I am going to be getting smaller. I am ready for the comments like ooooooh girl you are losing to much weight. You are getting too small. You look sick. I can see me literrally laughing out loud and thinking of just how dumb that will sound. Nobody ever told me ooooooh girl you gaining too much weight, or you are getting too big, or how sick I looked.....We have to be ready for whatever stupid comment they may make. Some of them will probably be jealous because you will end up smaller than them. Well that is enough of me rambling. You would think that I have known you for some time now (smile). I hope we can continue to keep in touch. Please let me know how the surgery goes and I will do the same. My surgery is coming in two weeks (gasp). Every time I think of it anxiety kicks in. I feel like the anxiety comes along with the territory. I can handle it. God bless you.

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