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The start of my journey

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I have never blogged before so this is a little strange for me. I just think I need to log this journey. I have wanted to have weight loss surgery for over 4 years now but my insurance would not cover it. Recently our company changed to Aetna and they do cover the surgery. Yeah!!!! So I went to the seminar and have had my initial consultation with the surgeon. At first everyone in my family was very supportive until I started actually taking the steps needed for surgery. Now I am starting to get some negativity from my family and from my PCP which completely shocks me. My PCP thinks that since I do not have any co morbidities that I can lose 150lbs by myself. Well I want to get this taken care of before I become sick. My mom seems to think that something will go wrong since this is elective and I am not thinking this through. My husband is scared I will get sleeved, lose my weight and leave him. I am just shocked how all the support disappeared as soon as it became real. I am standing firm. I found out yesterday that I must start a 3 month weight loss attempt with my PCP which will be changing due to the negativity about my decisions. I have my appt for my psychological evaluation and am moving forward with my decision. After much research I know that the sleeve is for me.



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keep strong. i am in the beginning process myself also. I've started my weight loss and have my psych eval in two weeks. I had to make the hard decision not to tell my parents because i know they will be against it. My best friend is definitely against, which hurt my feelings. she believe since i had lost the weight before i can do it again without surgery. I've told my sisters and they are supportive since they know how miserable i've been. I'm trying to decide if i will ever tell my parents and family after i have the surgery.

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stay determined and strong, they'll give you all the support needed once the op is done right now they are all worried and concerned

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I know exactly what you mean. I started this process last year by going to a seminar. Everything was ok until the seminar. Then my husband guilted me into changing my mind. I have regretted it ever since. My mom lives with us and is 88 and eats like a bird, so her advice every day is just "eat less"! LOL, as if I have not tried that a million times. Well, I went to a seminar today and I have decided to move forward no matter what. I told my husband he could drop me off at the hospital and pick me up when I am discharged. Of course, he has became supportive, but this is just because he thinks I will change my mind again. Little does he know how determined I am. He is overweight with Type 2 diabetes which is under control with pills, so he doesn't understand why I can't just be the way I am as I, like you, have no comorbidities. I am happy with me, but I am not happy with my body. And, I want to be done with everything that hasn't worked for the last 15 yrs. I am ready for a lifestyle change, not just another diet. I am glad I found this site so I can talk to people who will not judge me and try to talk me into yet another diet and excercise program. Thanks all!

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