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TCQ - Blog Entry #4 - Greetings from DR. Met my Doc, eval and test

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This has been an intense week. Field with all kinds of emotions. I met my doctor for the first time on Tuesday, and what a nice looking man. So sweet and understanding. Great sense of humor. He exceeded my expectation. Him and all his team were incredibly nice.


Since i didn't have insurance in the states, i didn't really get any labs or test done before i came. So when he showed me everything i needed to get done my jaw dropped. He said they were all necessary to make sure i was in the best of conditions.


So on Wednesday i got up early and headed to the hospital and had my labs done. They took 9 little tubes of blood, urine and stool samples. From there i when to see the lung doctor. She made me do a test where you have to breath through your mouth very hard and then let all the air out a few time. It was fun, she was soo nice. From there i went to get so x-rays. So u can see it was a very long day. The next morning, i got up early again and went to have a Colorimetric Test where they can see what type of Metabolism i had and how many calories i burn daily. I set there for 10 minutes with a tube in my mouth, breathing as normal as possible. Beautiful facilities and all the employees where just great. Today i had my Gastroscopic and biopsy. They took me to a room and gave me a rope to put over my clothing. Then they put a catheter where they would give me the sedatives. I had to lay on my left side over my arm, she sprayed something for my throat and they strapped a mouth piece. They the lady injected the sedative and she told me i would get very sleepy very soon. I'm not going to lie it felt nice. I didn't fall sleep completely, i could see and hear what they were doing. It didn't hurt at all. I didn't feel a thing. It was over before i knew it. And here is the funny part. The nurse told me to stay and take a nap. So i did for about 10 minutes. Then she helps me get up and walks me to the waiting area, where there was a wheel chair waiting for me. I looked drunk, and i was smiling a lot. I said bye to everyone in the waiting room. Once i got home they put me to bed and i felt sleep for 2hrs. Then i felt light headed until i ate something. But during the rest of the day i could still feel some of the effects until now.


So far this is all I've done this week. I see the cardiologist on Monday and i get my EKG and Echo-cardiogram then. Tuesday i see the doctor again and i see the psychologist. MY SURGERY DATE IS WED OCT 27Th. Yes i got my date. I'm soo surprised at how calm I've been all this week. I guess that will change the surgery date. ;)

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