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Day 6 after the lapband surgery

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As day 6 comes to a close I wanted to post how I was doing. I am still having chest and arm pain. I know for sure it is from the gas. My only thought on that is that there needs to be a way for them to be able to suck all of that gas out of us. It's very painful. I am suppose to be drinking 64oz of water , but that is not the case. I am barely drinking 1/4 of a cup of any liquids without feeling full or feeling like the liquids are coming back up. then I get this pain in my chest. I don;t know if that is a sign to stop. I think it might be because my stomach is swollen still.I fear that I will dehydrate and get the shakes again. I had an episode of shaking and feeling jittery from not eating. So I had put some pinto beans in a blender and had maybe four or five sips of that. it went down ok but I have a headache now. I guess i didnt process the thought of the after pain. I figured the medicine would be enough to stop the pain from the gas. It wasnt until today that I started to feel anything from my incisions. it;s very minimum. I coughed once today, actually a couple seconds ago. I wonder what do they do when people get sick? since they said coughing is good. Maybe im just thinking about this too much. Well god night lapband members.

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Hang in there...you are doing great and it will be much better very soon. I'm 17 days postop and doing great. But the first week was not any fun. The second week was better, and now into the 3rd week and I'm having no problems.

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