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got my first fill today!!!

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I went to the doctors today and got my first fill! Yahoooooo!! Finally I feel like I am getting somewhere. This unbelievable hunger has come over me the past ten days or so. I think it was because I was totally healed and no inflammation was left after the surgery, at least that is what my nutritionist explained to me sometimes happens, but I think with me going to stage 5, I had free range and cravings I could have fresh food, fruit &veggies ohhh I have missed them. Anyway it didn't help but i have maintained so I am glad, but I could have gained easily if not for exercise and telling myself over and over over the fill is around the corner.

I had 3 cc put in and will go back in two weeks. I had no pain, the needle sting was super quick and I could feel something going on, it was strange but not uncomfortable and I noticed at dinner a difference. I think this week is going to be interesting, seeing if I notice a difference. Hopefully another fill or two & I can wear my bandster tiara & my big girl panties and start to my path of getting under the 200 lb mark, oh to be able to put my wedding band on, my fingers have been too fat for years, it is a goal I set. I went down two sizes but, I feel like I am one of those that needs to lose 50lbs before I really can see it. I mean I see it in my face and my midsection, but nothing significant. Time to start trying some exercise dvds, hip hop abs looks good, I found some cool workouts on interest for tightening your bum and legs. Anyhow that is all for now.

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That's great. I know the inflammation has gone down for me since the day of surgery on June 14th and I have the same symptoms as you. Hunger has kicked in. I have maintain, exercise and not gaining. I cant wait until my first fill July 17th. Good Luck

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