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Why don't I feel my band anymore?



Ugghhh after a year of this I want to eat. I want to really eat. But eating is not helping the process. I am so irritated I am once again not loosing what they dr. says I should. I am about 30 pounds where I should be in weight loss. I am on feet most of the day at work with no energy left to work out at home. My goal is to loose 60 more pounds by June 1st. ( I know this seems like a lot, but I am behind by 30 pounds already). The only thing I can figure is forget the band and go back to protein shakes for a few weeks. That is going to be hard because I want to EAT! So this weekend I did give in and eat and gained 6 pounds, yes 6. It will take me a month to that 6 pounds. Over eating a chicken sandwich and a low-carb hamburger. My calories on Sunday was 2248. I have not ate that much since my surgery. I normally do not go over 1200.


My knees are hurting all of the time again. This also hinders the workout. I just want to loose the weight, be healthier and be done with all of this.


What is even worse is that my BP is higher than what it ever has been. I thought loosing weight was suppose to lower my BP. Instead it has made it higher. I wish I knew what I am doing wrong. I feel like the clinic is giving up on me as well. Okay, enough complaining.


It is like I don't have a band. I am hungry all the time. My NP says they won't fill it anymore because they don't want me getting stuck again. I am still eating one to two cups of food per feel and the feeling full only last a couple of hours. I don't think my band has slipped because I am not in pain and I still have a tiny bit of restriction. What am I doing wrong? What happened to my successfulness and how they heck do I get it back?

I weight the same I did back in November. I have not lost one damn pound and I eat less than 1200 cals with low sodium and high protein. It seems like once again my body will not work they way it is suppose to.


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you and i were banded about the same time. and i recall reading your posts and blogs. i hope nothing i say offends you. so forgive me if i do.

we all have been there but going back to drinking protein shakes (will help in the beginning but you cannot live on shakes for ever) but really eating food to lose weight is best.

3500 is a pound whether its ate or drank. and if you take in more calories than you burn off, you will gain (or not lose).

def eat 1 cup of food per meal..(protein first option and then veggie/fruit)..

def need to stay away from processed items (as that has salt and that is a water retainer)....if you can, eat more foods to fill you up. and drink ALOT. (to me, eating bread is not a filling item..you can eat the chicken and burger but leave off the bread..just MOO)

i cant exercise like some because of my bad knees so i have to be aware of my calorie intake but i do try to eat high protein/very fill my tummy up foods. and you being on your feet every day teaching is a wonderful thing.

and trying to lose 60 pounds in 4 months is way way too much. if you dont get there, i am afraid you will be upset. how about just losing weight without putting a number on it...just do the best you can.

you can do this. the band is there and its working. now you just need to help it along :)

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Do you see a nutritionist? If not I would recommend seeing one. They can help you plan out health meals. I agree with what CG said, she gave some good advise. Going back to liquids is not going to help, you will still feel hungry and you won't be learning how to eat healthy.

Focus on taking small bits, chewing till mush and waiting 1 minute between bits. This will make a big difference in the volume of food you eat, I can always eat more food if I eat fast.

Setting a goal of 60 pounds in 4 months is setting yourself up for failure. You don't want to fail, so regroup talk to a nutritionist, read some of the posts in the nutrition & food forum (a lot of good ideas for healthy foods) and talk with your doctor about your frustrations.

You can do this. Good luck to you.

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Count this as a life lesson learned...you can't eat 2 cups of food at a meal with out risking stretching your pouch, which can contribute to still feeling hungry after a meal.

We are not supposed to eat until we feel "full", only until our hunger is satiated. Some people never find their"green zone", as per what my surgeon has told me. Throughout this weight loss journey, we need to accept responsibility for our weight loss success. That means we comply with the diet prescribed to us from our surgeon.

I experience hunger every day...but instead of eating, I start drinking water and get focused on a project or go for a walk. When you make poor choices to eat when you are not supposed to, you only end up hurting yourself.

Our bands are only a tool to help with weight loss, we have to work the program if we want results. I believe it would help to have a good and honest discussion with your surgeon, and get back on track.

We have to ask ourselves how badly do we want to regain our health...if you want it enough, you can make it happen. Additional fills are not always the answer.

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Are you getting the needed amount of water? Are you getting in your protein? These are very important to the weight loss process. Also, are you still taking vitamins? If not you may need to start, both B vitamins and D are nessasary to weight loss and if you aren't getting enough from your diet this could hinder the results.

Also, go see a nutritionist. I was banded 6/22/12 and have lost 50 lbs. To start with I was eating 1200-1300 calories and the weight was coming off. Now it has slowed to a stop. At my last visit I was told at this point I need to have only a 300-500 calorie deficit a day or my body would try to hold on to the weight. A NUT can look at what you are eating and doing and make suggestions that may get you moving again. As my doctor told me the most important thing on this journey is to try not and get discouraged and quit trying because sometimes out body is just going to plateau even if we are doing everything right.

Ride the wave my friend! Good Luck.

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You've been given excellent advice above. If you WANT to lose you will follow it. If you don't, then I am afraid your life will repeat itself. See a nutritionist and maybe a professional counselor. You may need help to reframe your eating habits. No processed foods, plan ahead and eat healthy. Bread is no good. See you medical team and talk about a plan going forward. You may need a fill.

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I drink 1 to 2 liters of water a day. I eat about 70 grams of lean protein a day. The one thing I can see is that I maybe eating to much because I am not waiting one minute in between bites. I did check my normal lunch menu and my sodium intake is very high. I only have twenty minutes for lunch. During that so called lunch I am working with my students that can not get help at home on the homework and kids that are tired of the "drama" that a Middle School has during lunch My kids are use to my eating habits. But I know I am not concentrating on the way I eat during that time. My meal is planned and comes from home. But, yes it is processed lean meats or microwave trays. YES, they have been approved from the NP that I see every two to three weeks. I was also recently told that I had Swine flu and some other Virus that is as bad as Swine flu this winter. That dr. thinks some of my struggle is coming from body being sick. I have struggled since the week I threw up for three days and had diarrhea for a week. I keep track of my foods with mynetdiary on my phone. I love Edamame...is this healthy enough to eat a half cup for one meal? That is something I can easily eat at work.

I am not offended, but I am discouraged. So helpful words are more helpful.

I ordered 12 boxes of Girl Scout cookies without thinking...oh dear lord why wasn't I thinking? I can't eat those. I am going to hand them to my kids and say eat up and then take them to my kids at school and say eat up!

I love everything about food, accept my fat tummy, arms, legs, back.....

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Loving to be "healthy" can replace loving "food". Changing my attitude helped so much in going toward a new goal! Healthy eating is using good nutritious food in small amounts to heal your body! Focus on the new you!Blessings ! YOU can do this!

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