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Huge Disappointment

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Well, I got all prepped for surgery, went under and they cut me open and moved stuff around, then found my liver was 2 ½ times the normal size, so they could not safely do the surgery and they closed me up.

I have 5 incisions/stitches and they took a liver biopsy.

He is going to have me on another 6 weeks of a liquid diet and then they will try again, so I will have to reschedule the surgery.

I am sooooo disappointed and not looking forward to another 6 wks of liquid. I had been to the grocery store and stocked up on what I needed post-op.

I was perfect on my diet and lost 24 lbs during the 2 weeks, but I'm a big girl and need more time for my liver to shrink. He also mentioned that in another 6 weeks, if it is still not down enough that he may go ahead and do the sleeve(with my permission of course). Congrats to all my other Sept 11th bandsters that had success.


:( :( :(

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Oh no. I am so sorry. I hear how disappointed you are and I don't blame you. To go through all of the pre-op preparation, and then to actually go under anesthesia.. my goodness. I suppose it is better safe than sorry. Hopefully your biopsy comes back fine, and you can at least have that peace of mind. You lost 24 pounds on the pre-op diet! That is wonderful! You should be very proud of all your hard work. It is not easy, but you did it. Your liver will come around in its own time. I had some liver function tests a few years back that were off and went for a liver scan and was told it was due to a fatty liver. (diet related) I don't know how long it took to improve, but today it is looking back to normal. The body is a funny thing. I know six weeks must feel like an eternity for you, but think of it this way...if you only had six weeks to spend with someone you live, or six weeks to spend with your newborn before you had to return to work, it would seem like the time flys by. Try to think of it as an extra challenge or preparation for what is to be a lifelong change, and you will most certainly succeed at it based on how well you did the first time around, and how disappointed you are now, which shows how bad you want this. Life isn't always fair, but all of these tribulations will make you cherish the payoff even more. So mourn a little (who wouldn't), but then try to re-energize and tell yourself that this WILL happen and you will do an amazing job of seeing that it does. Keep us posted and always come here for support. And by the way, my cousin had the sleeve, and loves it. She has had great success, so if it should come to that, it isn't such a bad option from what I've been told firsthand. Good luck, and hang in there!!!

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I feel sorry for going through everything. I hope you can make it through 6 more weeks of liquid. After my surgery (6 weeks ago) and I could finally eat real food, I found that food doesn't mean the same to me anymore. Weird. With the shakes you don't have to think. I still have a drink for breakfast, I hate breakfast foods. I add decaf coffee and or peppermint extract for added flavor to the chocolate. Keep using this site to help you get through this period. Just remember the weight took longer than 6 weeks.

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So sorry to hear about that!! A week before my surgery it was postponed because I had a blood clot that had not been completely dissolved. I'd had a stroke at 39. Think about that when you get feel like giving up on this journey!!! Yes three exclamation marks. Anyway I ended up having to wait another 4 months before I could have surgery. No I wasn't on a liquid diet but I did do a voluntary liquid diet: shake for breakfast, low fat high protein lunch, shake for dinner over that 4 month period. I ended up losing a total of 50 pounds before surgery.

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