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Banded Bunny On The Run- The Racing Rabbit.



Today I did something I haven't been able to for years. I ran. Actually ran TWO MILES, It wasn't fast by any account. In fact- it was more then double the time it took me to run the same distant in high school-28 minutes. I also twice as old.


I loved to run in high school. It was my ME time. I felt free and happy when I ran. I was a track and cross country star. Captain, MVP, All County, all conference,all state blah blah blah. I lived to run- I ran 6 days a week over 35 miles a week on average. From 7th grade thru high school,part of college. BUT that was over 25 years ago and I was 17. After college, marriage and three kids, and doubling my high school weight running wasn't so good or happy. I tried to run after my kids and it hurt my knees way too much. I had gain too much weight and it put too much pressure on my knees. There I was too fat to run, without causing more health problems. I was depressed when i got on the treadmill and could only run for a few seconds before my knees hurt, so stopped trying. My kids found this box of running trophes, metals and awards in basement. They wanted to know who's they were. They were very surprised when I told them they were mine. In fact they didn't believe me until they read the engraved awards.


So after losing almost 65 pounds, I decided to try it again. Ok I didn't really decide, as in ok I going to go run now. I actually just went up to the track to walk, put on the IndigoGirls and U2 in my iPhone ,and started to move. Music was too up beat to just walk so i started to run, and started my timer for a baseline. I really didn't think i would make it around the curve let alone a full loop on track. But... My knees didn't hurt. So after the first lap, I was like, wow, let see if I can do it again. I walked half a lap between the first mile and the second. I was tired and sweaty and had a cramp in my side when i was done, but I ran it. and then walk another 1/2 mile after to cool down. I may be a bit sore tommorrow, but I enjoyed myself, and it felt good to know I could do it. I have been doing Dance party with kids and walking, swimming and stuff. But this was the first time I tried to run.



Last time I ran- it was the Marine Corp Marathon 14 years ago- and that was the first race i had run since college 5 years prior, I did it in over 5 1/2 hours, When I finished the race, I was glad i did it but set a new goal of doing it again only in under 5 hours before I turned 50. I was about 175 pounds at the time( 20 pounds lighter then now). I remember going to the store to get a new running bra, I was a 38DD, size 16 ish, at time and I hear the women behind me snicker when I was talking about running the marathon with saleswoman. " she's running a marathon?,haha, how, why" pissed me off big time. So I turn and told her, "Yes, I am. I put one foot in front of the other, and just keep going,because I can."


So it was good realize today that I can do it. I it was a good feeling running again. Only 8 more years til I turn 50. I guess I need to start get myself marathon ready. Baby steps. First you walk, then you run, then you run a litle bit longer...it not out of reach.


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