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Waiting On Insurance Approval...........

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Tonight as I sit here and type this I am an emotional wreck! I started my journey to get a Lapband back in January of 2011. I had no idea what I was in for just to get an approval from my insurance. Fast forward to today, August 3rd, 2012. My paperwork was finally submitted this morning and now I sit here and wait and wait and wait for the answer. This so far has truly been the hardest and worst part. My surgrey is scheduled for August 15th and to come this far and be denied would devastate me. I'm such a happy go lucky, possitive person but this feeling I have of the unknown is seriously breaking me down. I just hope that in 2 weeks I look back at this blog after my band and tell myself how silly I was to be so stressed. I'm crossing every part of my body and praying like no other!! God give me the strength to endure this waiting process!!

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I waited a long time for my approval too. I have been denied several times through the years due to insurance company that my work chose didn't or wouldn't cover bariatric surgery. I found out in April that the company we have this year did cover it. SO I was in a mad rush to get all the testing and approval done before we changed insurance companies again in August. I submitted June 26, got approved July 18, had my first appointment with my Dr. on July 24 and had surgery August 1. So talk about a whirlwind. haha.. But I got my lap band and they can't take it back now!! I will pray for you. I know that I will be a little ahead of you, but maybe that's a good thing, I can warn you about any issues. hehee.. like the fact that I can't eat more then a dinky cup of jello at a time. lol.. I LOVE IT!!!!

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I was where you are now 2 weeks ago. You are right this is the worst part, and I am sure you will be approved. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield and they submitted my request 2 weeks prior to my surgery date and I was approved and I received a letter 1 week later. Remember the hospital wants to get paid and they will not mess this up. They also know that your insurance is likely to approve you. I was told by the Dr. not to worry because BCBS usually approves this type of surgery. I even called my insurance company asked them questions. They were vague, but they said if I am qualified I will be approved. I now know that it meant if I loss the weight and had the qualification to get the surgery, I would be fine. The tests would not be done if I was not qualified because I was concerned about those charges as well and they were all covered.

Try not to worry, my husband kept telling me that too. I was on my 4 day of my liquid diet and I got the approval letter. I am being banded on Aug 6th.

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Thank you all for your words of encouragement! I truly appreciate it. I am a little better today, I mean I haven't cried today at least! Lol! I am going to start calling my insurance everyday starting Monday. Praying, praying, praying!!

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