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Post Op!

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So my surgery was changed to the 19th which was Thursday so that way I would be the only person on the schedule that day and the only one in recovery. Everything went great I was in at 6:30 and on the table by 7- surgery was over by 8. I woke up quickly and was just a little dizzy from the anesthesia but that's normal, they said I woke up very fast and they were surprised at how well I did. Drank some water and then was home by 10. I felt great! Went for a couple of walks and even went shopping, I was in no pain at all. Fast forward to the next day, I was sore like I had worked out probably because of the way I was laying on the table, my neck was sore and I had gas pains. The soreness was nothing, it was just achy feeling but the gas pains have by far been the worst out of all of this and the pain medicine doesn't touch it. So I have just been dealing with that, all I can say is walk, walk, walk, I am now on day 4 and my left shoulder is still hurting tremendously, but other than that I feel great. I never expected to feel so awesome. I have lost 16 pounds already counting pre-op and I feel super. I have been getting my fluids in and walking and couldn't be happier that I made this choice. My scars are teeny tiny and I'm sure will fade in no time. I haven't felt hungry even though there is no fluid in my band and that is one of the most unexpected feelings. I know that once the swelling goes down I will probably be in bandster hell but for now I am smooth sailing. I will probably be getting a fill at my 4 week appt. So for anyone out there reading this that has doubts just know that you can do it! I will say that having a support system is crucial. Without friends and family I would be lost. They support me and cheer me on and encourage me, and help me remember that this is just the beginning. Keep on Keeping on!

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