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Day 1 And 2 Post Op



I am hanging tough through a tough time. I have NO regrets, I am just posting the facts. I am sore and the gas bubble are excruciating. I am taking gas x strips, it is not helping. I am walking as much as I can, it's not helping. I am just biding my time until I am past the initial aches and pains. I know this will be easier in a few days, I am excited to get to the point where I can see some results. I know it's based on my actions, I am 100% dedicated. I couldn't imagine going through this much pain and not follow through.


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Just as you said, in a few days the gas pains should subside. Getting up and walking really is the best to help it go away. Did your doctor give you liquid Tylenol? I had liquid Tylenol 3 and it seemed to help more than gas-x. That was 4 years ago. This past year I had lap chole (gallbladder removed) and the gas pain was 10000x worse and only IV meds helped, so I was admitted. Really, it's just a waiting game unfortunately. :-/

BUT on the positive side...... I look forward to reading your success stories! It truly does start and end with YOU, not the band. The band is a tool to help you achieve your goals. I am sure we will see you posting away of your success! Hang in there! :-)

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Just stopping by to say it's ALLLLL worth it!! Every gas pain, every struggle, and every doubt that creeps in (because they do sometimes!) I'm 15 months out and have lost more than 150 pounds. I feel healthy and strong and I look damn good if I do say so myself! The first year flew by for me, and thinking back on it it's better than a dream come true! I'm a different person in so many ways, and there is just no price tag that could be placed on that kind of gift. It wasn't easy, but watching the pounds melt off was so sweet that I wasn't even tempted to slack off! I've always loved life, but the 125 pound me loves it with gusto! Hang in there! :)

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I had the horrible gas pain as well, after the first week I switched to chewable Gas-X and it worked better for me, I just made sure to chew the heck out of them.

Good luck, and keep posting and keeping us updated on your progress.

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I have been following your blogs, and I am rooting for you! I have a long wait before I am banded, but agree as most do that the support network on this site is priceless. I am proud of you and keep us posted.

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