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Five Weeks In, Life And Losing



Five weeks ago, banded and hopeful. Today, I'm down 23 lbs and so happy about that! Not a super fast loss, but I'll take slow and stead and PERMANENT any day over fast and yo-yo! I'm finding that summer time is the most challenging time for me - although there are many fresh fruits, veggies and healthy options out there at this time of year, for me and my husband, there are many social engagements including barbecues, outdoor concerts, farmer's markets, weddings, and other really wonderful events.


The events for me are not a challenge, and I'm finding that the food at the events is not the problem, but I am one to enjoy a glass or two of wine or a cocktail with friends at these events. While I'm still losing, I'm thinking that I'd do myself a bigger favor if I stuck to non-alcoholic beverages and watch the weight come down faster. But like I said above, it's not all about losing it fast - I am learning a new way of living right now, and if that life involves an occasional cocktail or glass of wine, so be it. This week has been full of festivities related to a dear friend getting married tonight. I haven't exercised as much because work has been insane busy and we've had engagements every night this week. But isn't that what life is all about? Some weeks are busier than others, it's all about having balance and taking care of myself. I feel like I've been doing a pretty good job in that area. Will I have a glass of wine tonight at the reception? YEP!


My daughter turned 18 on Thursday and headed out to Denver (about 4 hours away) for the weekend. As life would have it, she ended up in a fender bender, wanting to come home, not sure about her future move to Denver for school, and so upset (poor baby!) My old mode would have been to hit the pantry since I couldn't be right there to help her. But this time, (luckily her dad is over there), I was able to deal with the problem, feel the emotions I was having, and not stuff them down with a bag of chips. I just talked them out, and I felt better than the food would have made me feel. Again, life happens.


So the ups and downs can still happen without dousing them in food - I am learning a whole new way of being, a new way of dealing, and I feel good that so far I've been able to take on stress (good and bad stress) in a healthy way.


Hope all of you out there are doing well, remember it really is a JOURNEY and our bands are helping us physically manage hunger while we learn to deal with the other habits and head issues that have made us obese. It is so much easier to understand old patterns, look at them for what they were and change them when I'm not constantly starving. I LOVE MY BAND!!!


My best - D :)


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Life Does continue to happen, and we all have to learn like you how to deal with it in a healthier manner and not with food as we may have in the past. Congrats and much success on your new journey:)

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Very best of luck to you. I have my surgery on Monday and am excited and nervous. It is so helpful to read this entry and hear about progress of someone just a few weeks down the road. Keep up the good work.

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