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I Love My Band..no I Hate My Band...no Wait I Think I Love My Band! Uuuuggghh!



Ok so i went in for the unfill on Friday. Glad to know that I dont have a leak and everything is where it's supposed to be. As of this morning i am down 15 pounds since my fill 2 weeks ago(tomorrow). i still am just able to get in liquids, so i have been living off egg drop soup. i dont have an appetite, but every time i try something with more consistency i get stuck after a few(and i do mean few) bites.

My question is to those who like their band tight, how do you do it? I can barely get in my protein, but this is my focus..i'm praying that since the weather has cooled off some it will get better. HELP I NEED TO KNOW THIS IS GOING TO GET BETTER! i cant go in for another unfill as i am self pay and i just paid $250 2 weeks ago....is there a chance my band will loosen on it's on in the next few days?


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well I do know what u are going through. I been there and it sounds like u r too tight if u cant do solid foods.... also it depends on ur doctor some of them want u to be tight or at ur gren spot where u can only eat one bite of foodand be full.....I personally could nt handle tht hurting discomfortable feeling and I would constantly throw up so much until it caused my band to slip..... u have to do whats best for u and ur body n please kp in mind tht all of our bodies are different andthe band reacts differently....eventually my band slipped 3xs and I had to have surgery agin to revise my slip band and now I hv gained 20lbs bk so Im trying to get it off again.... Im so frustrated because Im at a stand still I dnt want to be to tight where I cant eat solid food n have to throw up.....just try and chew ur food very slow and if u can only do one bite then do it..... If it hurts I advise u to let them take some out so tht u can b comfortable.... best wishes. and kit

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If 48 hours after a fill you can't eat solid protein you are too full. A slip will cost you way more than $250! Think how much a second surgery will cost you!

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It seems like in most self pay cases the doctors will do a small unfil if you have a problem and usually not charge you for it. So just call the doctor and tell them what's going on. Restriction and not being able to eat are two different things.

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@ 2muchfun....i even tried slider foods and they were a no go.

thanks everyone for the support. i finally got a hold of the doctor and i'm goin in today at 2:15 for another unfill...he needs to really explain to me what patients are supposed to do in case of an emergency cuz there current system doesnt work! i'm just glad my job was understanding and i get to see the doc today.

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