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This Bunny Is Off Her Meds!- Non Scale Victory Time!!

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So, I haven't posted in a while. I am crazy busy with Nursing school, and would normally blame it on that. ( I really should be studying right now) But I think I need to look deeper inside to the truth. I had nothing to report. I was BUMMED. I was at a stand still for a month or so. I lost 40 pounds in first two months then nothing for almost 2 more. Hovering at 212 forever. I had my 3rd fill a few weeks ago again and it has start to come off again, Slowly, but still going downward. I'm at 203 now, teasingly close to under 200, for the last week or two. So I was a bit down that nothing was happening. I want to be under 200 so bad. I am so stressed with school and kids and life. I was stressing over not lossing more recently. Stressing over the scale, I not suppose to get on everyday, and really not suppose get on every few hours, just to check...the numbers were not being nice to me. Then I got some great news today. New numbers that were dropping...


So this morning, I had a doctors appointment, I only wrote my doctor's name in my calander so when i showed up for my annual physical with my 8 year old in tow, after we just had breakfast, they were surprised, but saw me anyway, just need to go back for blood work now. I thought it was an appointment for my blood pressure screening for my hypertension-I been going every few months to recheck see if more medication was needed or if it was still working ok at controlling my Blood Pressure.


I started on Blood pressure meds only this past fall. Prior to this my blood pressure was alway low. My blood pressue shot up the day after my 41st birthday. : 164/94. I was really scared. I had chest pain and could feel my heart beating out of my chest- ended up in ER and they kept me over night.- no heart attack- just the starft of hypertension. After a lot of tests they put me on blood pressure mediacitons to lower my BP to a normal level. So when My doctor started me on meds, in september I was 256 pounds and had a average BP of 150/85. I was all ready in the process of getting my preop stuff for my lapband surgery completed. I was scared, I waited too long to get a hold of my weight and I wasn't going to be around for my kids whe they got older if I kept on this heavy path.


Today I saw my primary care doctor for the first time since my surgery. He was very excited over how well I was doing, my BP was 124/70, my EKG was normal, my weight was 53 pounds lighter. SInce I didn't know I was having a full physical today I ate breakfast, so I going back in a few weeks to recheck my BP after being off medications, and do my blood panel. I am so excited to be off my Blood Pressure medication.


So remember, just because the scale is not moving in the right direction all the time, doesn't mean you not getting healthier everyday.


Let look at our non scale victories: I was banded the Dec 16 2011. In four mouths I have gone down 53 pounds, am now free of BP medications, my four year old can get on my back for piggyback ride and his little legs fit around to front, I wearing a size 14 not a size 22 anymore, ( I actually got a pair of 12's on, they were on and zipped but it really wasn't pretty.- I bought them of course- they with fit better soon enough!), and my feet got smaller, had to go down a size. who knew my feet were fat too? I can shop at victoria secrets now.


So celebrate they little things in your life that are really HUGE. STOP getting so upset if we stall in our scale numbers, it happens to everyone. Usually at about 3 -4 months from what I have notices and been told from others who gone throught it all ready. It normal. Your body is going through some big changes and sometime needs to take a break and caught up on the inside to how your looking on the outisde, and vice versa, before it starts lossing again. So don't stress. These non scale successes are what it all about!!!! ( You of course know I will so be posting when I get under 200, however long it takes-still a big milestone for me)


What non scale victory do you have to share? Here's my other new one...my husband's can't accidently put on my jeans...too small now, His are too big for me.

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i have a few nsv's. # 1- the other day i helped a customer in his 70's at my job, we chatted and laughed for a minute. when he left he passed my female co worker and said something to her. she came over to me a few minutes later laughing and said "That nice old man you just helped said you were quite a woman and if he was 20 yrs younger he'd go after you !" hilarious ! (Im 53 but have been told i look younger) #2 the pants i just got a few weeks ago are starting to get loose, again..........(this is getting fun, and expensive !) #3 im happily married but its still nice to have my hubby notice my weight loss and say nice things like "your butt is getting smaller !"

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I totally get what your saying. I just recently went under 200. The feeling is amazing:) I'm really excited to hear you are off your blood pressure meds after loosing part of your weight. I was just talking to my husband last night after my weigh in at the Bariatric Clinic. My BP used to be around 160/80's and 90's, sometimes even higher at times. That is one of the main reasons I decided to have this surgery, especially after being admitted a few years back with over 200 BP reading. All I could think was I am too young to die at 40 over something I could learn to control and now as of yesterday I showed 110/72. Hopefully now I can start to get off the two BP pills I take everyday, that would be awesome. Good Luck to you.

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Thanks ladies. Armymom2012, that is awesome. Your BP is great. Good luck to you too!

Pink dahlia, my husband said the same thing, only he added " don't worry I will still love you if you lose you boobs too" I have gone from DDD to D. I think he getting scaried.

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