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I was looking at my past blogs and realized how happy I was at the beginning of my LAP Band journey. My last post was February 6, 2012 and my weight is the same 30 days later. I have done all the lap band rules and regulations that been given to me. Now it appears that I am at a standstill. I am glad the weather is getting better I have begin to run again at the park.

The funny thing is! I really want this to work, I have tried so many different diets that all start out great in the beginning to only be let down at the end. I am praying that this work for me.

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Being at a stand still is frustrating, I have been there many times along this journey. I have been banded since October 2010. If you have not already done this do it now, take your measurements. What I have found along this journey that I have many standstills the more weight I lose but I continue to drop sizes. I read something interesting on another physicians web site on lap band progress and plateau. Sometimes after dropping large amounts of weight the body takes a rest period to get used to the redistribution of the weight loss. Now this seemed kind of silly to me but honestly the one thing I have noticed since being banded is I have lost weight much differently than I ever did when I was on the numerous diets over the years. I weigh 158 now and most people think I weigh much less. My point is take notice of the inches you lose and they will help you to keep focused when the scale is not moving. Also remember this is not a diet but a healthy life style change and that is why this will work when all the diets failed us. Good Luck to you.

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Also keep in mind that the lapband doesn't start working until it starts to fill up. The first month after surgery is about healing, not weight loss. That's the reason the time between surgery and when you get filled to restriction is called Bandster Hell. Even your first fill won't necessarily bring you the restriction you need to really start losing weight. I know it's hard (trust me, I'm there right now) but the key now is patience and determination. You WILL get through this, and you WILL start to lose weight. You can do this! :)

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