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Ok Ok I'm Going To The Doc On Monday! Ugh!



Ok me and my band are at odds right now. For the longest time i was too tight in the morning to eat anyting other than liquids, which i hear is pretty normal. and i was cool with that. then i was barely able to get anything down(even some sliders) at lunch and dinner was iffy. (all this was 2 weeks after being sick)..ok so starting this sunday i have been able to get a half way descent lunch down and a reasonable dinner. but now later in the evening my band is tight again WTH! i have gained like 3 pounds in the past week and i dont get it. i have an appointment to see my surgeon on monday and i'm gonna talk to him about a small tiny unfill. i just dont get how the band can be so inconsistent. UGH!!!!! plus i'm like super paranoid that i have damaged something with the recent/frequent bouts of throwing up.

Can anyone tell me who had a band slip, what were your symptoms? I'm tryn not to drive myself crazy. i would think if my band had slipped or i had a pouch that i couldnt keep anything down, right?


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