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Need For Carbs



I got this out of Bariatric Choice Magazine .... I thought some here would be interested




The most important thing you need to know is this - carbs are not the enemy. Carbohydrates are fuel for the body. They provide the body with glucose, it's preferred source of energy. If you eliminate your body's fuel, you decrease the speed of your metabolism and the amount of lean muscle mass simultaneously.


That doesn't mean that you can go crazy and splurge on bagels and huge servings of pizza and pasta. Moderation is key. The solution to successful long term weight loss is a low calorie, high protein diet with consistent moderate and high intensity workouts, simple as that. But as a lot of you know, that type of regimen is easier said than done. Here are some tips that will keep you on the right path and hopefully keep you from believing all of the hype associated with the carb-free phenomenon.

Low Carb Does Not Equal Low Calorie


Many times, low-carb options are higher in fat and calories than their original counterparts. This is true for most low-carb comfort foods that try to trick you with their healthy mantra. Examples include low-carb ice cream, pasta, and breads. If you watch your caloric intake and monitor bad (empty) carbs and fats, you will probably see more substantial and long-lasting weight loss than merely cutting carbs alone. And remember- junk food is junk food, no matter how low-carb it is.



Rev Up Your Metabolism


As long as your metabolism is in great shape, eating carbs in moderation will only make you more energetic and therefore more active. Eating healthy carbs such as fruits, veggies, and whole wheat bread and incorporating in continual exercise, will cause your body to become a caloric furnace.


Recommended Comments

Thanks for sharing!! You should add this is in the Food & Nutrition forum in case people don't catch it on your blog. So many people talk about cutting out carbs but that's why they can't poop! You need fiber and good carbs will give it to you. Great find!!

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What would you suggest as good carbs to add to our lap band diets?

You can add just about any type of fruit or vegetable ... you can also eat whole grain pastas and such..... just keep the fiber in your diet. fiber is often lost in low/no carb diets. I find that things like oatmeal and apples (remove the skins if you have trouble) often do wonders ..... just remember, if you cut out the things you love, your diet will surely fail. learn moderation and tolerance.

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