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The Fill Questions

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So I go to my Surgeon and get a fill on January 3, 2012. The process my surgeon use for the fill is one of yet a complicated one. After sticking the needle and thing in, I sit up on the side of the bench then he withdrawals the fluid. My guess is to measure home much I have in. Then he places it back while I am drinking water. During that process he asks me does that seem to stick or does it rolls smooth. After the first or second yes or no I am completely confused on what rolling smooth is and what’s sticking around. LOL.


That being said... Since that fill I have been able to eat more than I have since having the lap band. I don't like the fill process and I feel that at this point I should have a better understanding of the process.


After working out last night I was able to drink almost half of my bottle water before stopping. Now I have never done that since being band. I want to be able to know the difference of being filled and being topped off. No I don't want to be so tight I can't drink water but darn. I am work hard to watch what I eat and workout hard. But the purpose of having the band was to have assistance in my weight loss process.


Plus I feel like knowing how much I have in my band is important... it top secret at my Surgeon's office. I asked him what his target weight is lost for me and he act like I cussed him. LOL I think he worried that I am questioning him. But I really not..... I just want to make sure we are both on the same page.


The office I attend has several Surgeons there and I think it's more of a competition going on.


Oh…. I have scheduled another appointment which means more money on my side.



Work with Surgeon…LOL nonod.gif

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with my experiences with my band and being too tight and not tight enough..my 5th fill i told my surgeon how much i wanted in my band. he did just that and i have great restriction. i think after a while you kinda know where you need to be

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I think every Dr is different, my fills are done through fluroscopy(sp)....I go to the radialogy department in the hospital, get on the table...they numb by my port with a needle then insert the fill needle and as i am drinking barium (not water) we (me and my doc) are watching on the screen how it is passing through my band and he is adding saline at the same time, about 3 small swallows of barium and 5 mins later, he tells me immediately how much fluid he inserted and i am on my way. I think if your doc is acting like he has something to hide and it is a big secret what he is doing to YOUR body then there is a issue.

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My doc fills me lying down (me, not him, heehee!) and doesn't have me drink anything- in fact he tells me to wait a couple of hours to drink. I wasn't sure I'd know what it would feel like if things were 'hanging around', but after my 3rd fill and what I think might be very close to my sweet spot, I know what hanging around longer feels like. It is literally like it's sitting in your throat for a few seconds before it moves on through. I hate to say this because it sounds so cliche, but you will know it when you feel it.

As far as what's in your band, it's such a crap shoot for how the amount will work for YOU. My first fill was 10ccs, which many people on this site question (I have an 11cc band). I was still able to eat anything and in larger amounts than 1/2 cup. My second fill was 0.5cc, but after about an hour I asked him to take it back out because my back and chest were hurting. My third fill was 0.3cc and I think we may have it just right- I can still get anything down but in much smaller quantities, but I have to chew better and go more slowly. My hunger level is much less now too. Still, your doctor should tell you if you ask him.

Good luck on your journey!

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