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Interesting phenomenon

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The saturday before Memorial Day, I began taking a progressive boxing class. It's an hour long class where you box and actually hit the bags. I've never sweat like this in my life!! I have been religiously going at least 3 to 4 times per week. The day I started, my weight loss had hit the 80 pound mark!! I was sooo excited because I figured I would lose that 20 pounds in a month and reach the 100 pound mark!! Literally and I mean literally I did not lose an OUNCE in 3 1/2 weeks!!! Then all of a sudden I dropped 13 pounds in 10 days!! I know weight loss is never steady, but what gives??? I'm to the point where I don't even care what the scale says. I got down to 93 pounds lost and then I go up 2 - 3 pounds before I lose those 3 plus another 10-12 after a month.

Now I'm concerned with my diet. I haven't been over eating at all. Sometimes I'm so tired I don't even want to eat. But as I'm reading online, I realize...maybe I'm not eating enough?? Working out at this intensity means I should be eating much more protein or else I lose muscle and not fat!! But eating that much protein comes with added calories. I don't know my exact body fat percentage, but guestimating it at 40% would mean I would need 162 grams of protein per day...that's around 650 calories!!! That's alot just from protein. I'm only 10 months into this journey. Anyone out there that is farther along that could offer some advice?? :) My body is definitely changing...but I don't feel like I'm losing the fat the way I think I should be. I have a lot of loose flabby parts...which is frustrating because it actually looked better when it was full of fat!! UGH!!! ;)

Either way I love the boxing class. I also started taking his conditioning class!! My arms are quite buff now!! :thumbup: It all comes together in the end right???

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Your body is going through the changes of an intense work out.. you weren't losing because your muscles were building to burn more fat, this is a GREAT thing! I was expecting your post to say "I gained weight!" - which is very typical in this type of situation with intense workouts like boxing. (I kickbox myself.)

I would recommend using protein smoothies to supplement your protein..you can make the same smoothie with as much protein as you want without altering the taste too much, especially if you're using greek yogurt like Fage 0% as base, which has 20 grams of protein, mixed with some protein powder (mine is 20 per scoop) add 2 scoops and you're already at 60 grams, plus 8 from the skim milk, etc.. it's a very easy and delicious way to boost your protein, stay full and stay cool during the summer time as well.

Overall the chances are you probably weren't eating enough and/or your body was adjusting to the new routine, without seeing your food journal or what you've been eating, its hard to say. But I hope that helped, all the best to you!

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I'm not sure I know enough to give you good nutrional advice, but YAY for the boxing class. That sounds like a ton of fun!!

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