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Happiness and a sinus infection

August 8, 2013 by Roo101769

Tuesday was a big day for me. In fact, it could be life changing. I met with the surgeon. It was great. He said I am a great candidate for the sleeve and that I should do awesome with it. Our consultation went as smoothly as can be. The few areas of concern I had were quickly put to rest. I was worried about having the DVT/PE this year and being on warfarin. But that will be handled and they aren't very worried about it.  My other concern was time off work. I have already missed the better part of two 1/2 months work this year due to my DVT/PE. Even though my boss is on board with me for the WLS and believes this is best for me, I do not want to be off for weeks on end. That might be pushing it. The surgeon said that as long as I am healing well, there are no complications, and I am tolerating any pain or discomfort without being a zombie on pain meds he will release me to come back to work after a week.  While I intend to take it easy at home and rest as much as possible, my job is really no physical stress. I sit on my butt at a computer all day. I don't want to make the work Gods mad, so I will be a good little loyal employee and do what I can to be here. So resolving those two issues was about all I had worried about. It sounded to me that the process will go fairly quickly from here. ( from what the surgeon said)  My psych evaluation is next Tuesday.  I am waiting to hear from the hospital to schedule my nutritional counseling. And he said I "might" need a pulmonary test to check out my lungs since I had the two PEs, but he isn't really worried that there is a problem. ( he will consult with the anesthesiologist to see what the say) Other than that he said everything was in order, so my footwork before hand has paid off! LOL   The only bad news of the day was from my hematologist. Seems that he wants my INR level higher, so he is going to request they increase my warfarin dosage. I already have some undesirable side effects  from the medicine, so I can only imagine those will get worse. Of course there is the easy bruising/ easy bleeding aspect. I also have been having weird skin issues. Random bumps and spots appearing, then disappearing. Some are boil like and get sore and end up draining. But the thing that is most disturbing to me has been increased hair loss. When I was in my mid 20s I lost a good deal of my head hair due to PCOS. Then after my pregnancy, when my hair had actually thickened in due to hormones, the eventual fall out made things worse than they had been before. I have been using Toppix hair fibers for a few years now to help hide the extreme thinning. Without it I look very much like someone who has been on chemo. Since I have been using the warfarin again the thinning has increased. It is getting harder and harder to cover the bald areas.  I can only assume when my dosage of warfarin is increased the thinning will increase too. And of course I already have read all about hair loss after WLS. So....I made another pretty big decision. To be honest it was fairly easy to make, given what I have to work with. I purchased a wig. I did it over the internet (not a lot of wig shops around to go into) so I am praying it looks realistic. I know what is coming and I might as well be ready for it. I am not someone who will be able to embrace the whole "bald is beautiful" thing, even though I do applaud those who pull it off with style and grace. Nope, I'm a hair girl. So I am just hoping I can find something that will help me feel confident in the next phase of my life... And now to the sinus infection.  After all my great news Tuesday I started to feel puney. By the time the work day was over I knew I was a sick chick. That night was miserable, congestion and a runny nose. When I woke up yesterday I had the WORST facial pain from a sinus infection I have ever had. Finally got to see a doctor in the evening. Finding a medicine I can take that won't interact with the warfarin and that I am not allergic to was tricky. In fact, I actually threw up this morning after taking it. ( of course I might not have ate enough beforehand and caused that) So all my elation over Tuesday was tempered by feeling crappy. Amazing how fast it came on too.  Zero to crap-tastic in no time at all!

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