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12 Hours To Go Till I Begin My Journey To Memphis , Tn For My Sleeve

October 28, 2012 by amazong

Gastric Sleeve Memphis
12 Hours To Go Till I Begin My Journey To Memphis , Tn For My Sleeve Today is sunday, that means clear liquids all day. For a heart patient with a fluid restriction of 1000ccs or,  33 fl oz per day  this is rather an impossible task.

Let me back up and tell you about what happened in 2009. I had graduated four days earlier with my Bachlor of Fine Art in Photography. I had everything lined up, a job, an apartment all those grown up things.I thought I'd come to visit home for a few days before going back to the place I was going to be working.  At 9am in the morning at my mothers house I started to feel faint. Thank God there was a phone beside my bed but the numbers looked so foreign. All that got my mom on the end of the line was me remembering the pattern of her phone number. If not for that ... I wouldn't be typing this here now. She called an ambulance and came home right away.

After many tests and lots of pain the ER Doctor said I had heartfailure. An unknown virus had attacked my heart for what seemed like 1 or 2 years and as it slowly ate the muscle wall it caused my heart to jump up to 275bpm on that day.

Fast foward 2.5 years and here I am needing a new heart. However, I weigh to much to be put on the eligibility list. So my Cardiologist suggested that I have a Gastric Sleeve to loose weight rapidly to get on the list quicker because my time is short.

And that ladies and gentalman leaves me driving to memphis at 3am tomorrow morning to have this life saving gastric sleeve operation.

The liquid diet is killing me, I have horrable heartburn and my stomach is all messed up from the magnesium citrate I drank earlier.  As miserable as I am I know that everything will be worth it in the end.
I can use all the support I can get, so please add me as a friend!

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What a scarey story, Amazong! Had you not had any clue there was a problem before you had heart failure? That's simply not fair!

I'm so sorry that the liquid diet is so hard on your stomach -- if you weren't having your surgery tomorrow, I would suggest (with your doctor's okay) to eat one or two saltine crackers very slowly. You have my complete support and I agree that, as miserable as you are right now, everything will be worth it in the end. Major good luck tomorrow!
Praying for you. I understand what you are going thru. My husband was on the list for a heart and I now I have had a sleeve. Just know that I will be in the operating room praying for you. Sending GODS blessings and speed your way. You are loved. HUGGGGGGGGS
Tick tock, tick tock
Time for you to rock

Okay, so prose is not my strong point. You are strong and can make the most of this sleeve. A new lease on life is just starting for you. Hugs and prayers for you.
I'm sorry to hear about your heart condition....I hope everything goes well with your VSG and you get on the eligibility list for a new heart. I wish you all the best and will be thinking/praying for you that all goes well tomorrow.
Praying for you!! You are so brave and I know things will be just fine for you. My best friend has a daughter who had to have a heart transplant. She was born without the left side of her heart and she lived with her old heart until 4 years ago. She is now 21 and doing fabulous!! Please keep us posted and I will definitely add you as a friend. God bless!
By now you have had the surgery and I hope all went well. I definetly will friend you. Please keep us informed of your progress. You are in my prayers.
Sending prayers to heaven just for you.

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