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Loving Getting My Healthy On... But Needing More/new Recipes!

February 21, 2012 by chimarie:)

So this is my first time since I started the surgery process that I have really been involved in one of these blogs. So far I am 2 and a half months out from surgery. During the 6 months pre-op that the insurance required I lost about 15 lbs. During the 4 weeks of liquid diet before and after my surgery I lost about 25 lbs and since surgery have lost 25 lbs. I am currently at 65 lb down since last summer... and it ROCKS!!!

The biggest thing I am seeming to have a problem with is food variety. I am in college and cant spend a million dollars buying food and hours cooking everyday. I only cook for myself mainly and most recipes are for many people. So pleaseeeeee my fellow tiny amount food eaters help a girl out! I love food (obviously hence why I am here) but am open to a lot of new things and recipes!


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Check these websites,


Good Luck and Keep up the good job!
I would love some easy calorie free or atleast low cal sweets recipes that dont require a lot of time or trouble

I take water chicken stock and a meat either beef or chicken bring to a boil and add barley simmer for 40 min. season with everything in the cupboard I call it scotch broth love it and filling
Do you use pinterest? There's a lot of healthy recipes on there. I usually make a whole recipe and divide it up into one cup servings for the week (I'll usually keep Monday and Tuesday in the fridge and freeze the rest of the week).

Also do you have a dorm with a kitchen? Or is it just microwave and fridge?

If you have a full kitchen in your dorm, then eggs are the way to go! They're cheap and easy (like me lol) and you can add so much to mix in! I found a good recipe for egg cups that I'm going to try next weekend to bring to work.

Also if you can tolerate bread, I sometimes make the following sandwiches. I wrap them up in paper towels and then aluminum foil and freeze them. I'll defrost them the night before, bring them to work, unwrap the foil and pop them in the micro for a minute or so: 1 whole wheat eng muffin toasted, 1/4 cup egg beaters, 1 morning star farm "sausage" patty, and 1 slice of american cheese.

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