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Midpoint Measurements and Sizes - 5'2" Female

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Hey Guys!

I'm at the mid point in my weight loss journey. My starting weight was 241 and now I'm 181 (4.5 months out). I went from a size 22/24 to size 18. My old size 18 pants are slightly lose but nowhere near enough to go down a size. I figured at 65 lbs. down I'd be a smaller size. I've kept up on my Protein but really skimmed on exercise, so maybe I should have lost more body fat by now. Can anyone with similar specs share about where they were halfway through the journey?

Current Measurements:


As of 9/14

Waist 38.5 in

Thighs 23 in

Hips 46.25 in

Arms 16 in

Neck 15.75 in

Size: XL; 18

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Please don't take this the wrong way, but if there's one thing you'll here on this site perhaps more than any other it's this: don't compare yourself to others. There's nothing good that can come of it.

Even if you found someone that was your exact same starting weight, height, and even had surgery the same day, there are still way too many other variables that could impact your progression. Just some examples: age, physical fitness, %body fat, basal metabolism, diet, bougie size, surgical complications, etc.

Honestly, it sounds like you're doing fine. If you're not happy with your loss so far, talk with your bariatric team. They may have suggestions for you such as increasing the amount and type of exercise and/or changes to your diet.

Best of luck!

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Oh gosh I think it's human nature to compare ourselves to others in a similar boat! I do all the time, for good or bad.

OP - 4.5 months after surgery I had lost 43lbs. I've gone on to lose 115 at just over 10 months so I think you're bang on target to reach goal. I wish you all the best on your journey.

I have also noticed that weight loss and changes in clothing size are absolutely not linear - there are times when I have lost lots and not gone down a size like *forever*, and vice versa.

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I'm 4.5 months out from my surgery and at 5'2" I've lost 65 pounds so far. I've gone down from a size 22/20 jeans to a size 14 or in some cases even size 12.

To put in perspective, my older sister who had the same surgery (RNY) a few years ago, also 5'2, had lost 45 pounds at the point I'm at. This shows how different weight loss is individually.

In my case a lot is probably from nutritional issues and losing weight too quickly. That's an ongoing issue my team is still trying to work out. It's hard to get enough nutrition when you are full for the day after literally one bite of something in the morning.

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Always remember, we all lose at our own rate. Some are slow losers while others lose more quickly. There’s no right or wrong rate of loss. Sure there are generalisations & averages but you should never use them to judge if you’re failing. It really is impossible to compare your loss in pounds or inches to anyone else. So many factors influence your loss. Body shape, skeletal frame, age, genetics, starting weight, where you carried your weight, general health, genetics, etc.

As you lose more weight you’ll notice you’ll drop sizes more quickly. Sizes tend to differ by 2 inches. It takes a loss of more pounds to lose 2 inches around your body when you’re bigger than when you’re smaller. That lose ‘10lbs & drop a dress size’ only applies to people who are pretty much in a healthy body weight range to begin. Took me a good 10/15kg (30lbs) to drop a dress size & a bit when I first started losing.

How much exercise you do is really personal. Yes, there are lots of benefits but, for most, exercise only contributes to about 10% of the weight you have to lose. Have 100lbs to lose, exercise will burn 10lbs. I didn’t really exercise at all & I lost all my weight & more. All I do now is some stretching, & use resistance bands. I wouldn’t burn 40 calories. Ha! But that’s me.

You’ll get there but in your time.

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As everyone and anyone will tell you comparing your progress with others usually comes to no good.

If you use the info you are asking for to make healthy/sustainable changes or as a source of peaceful motivation, than yay!

But if the info gives you angst and sends you in an im-a-failure spiral, then boo.

With that said, i will assume you are an even-headed adult, and, because you asked:

I too am 5’2, and I started my 2 week pre-op diet at 235 lbs. I was 46 when I had the sleeve.

At my 4.5 months post i was down 80.1 lbs (that includes the 11.8 lbs i lost during the 2-wk pre-op diet).

At 7 months post i called goal when I hit 127 lbs (108 lbs lost for those lazy-mathers). Stabilized at 115-ish at around 10 months post. Its been 4 years since i had my surgery and i bounce around 115-120 (closer to 120 these days).

Regarding clothes sizes, in the beginning i felt like i was going down a size every 2 weeks. It slowed down as i neared goal.

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