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Hello fellow Bariatricals,

I am 3 months out and wanted to compare everyone else 3 month weight loss. I have only list 13kg which is 28 pounds. I am not worried, as I am losing and Ive always had a slow metabolism. How were you guys at 3 months post op ( please only give me weight loss from surgery day).

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Hi I am 3 months post op, and I have lost 36lbs. I started at 245. I’ve been feeling discouraged with the weight loss after I had one month stall, but it’s started coming off again.
I run 30 Min four to five times a week. I eat 1000 calories daily. Protein intake is 70-80 grams daily.

I hope things work out for us ladies and maybe it’s just a waiting game now :) we didn’t put the weight on over night :)

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On 07/25/2021 at 10:11, lekcir said:

03 29 2021 @ 242( day of surgery)
07 24 2021 @163
800 cal
>80g protien
*0* sugar
Cardio and light lifting 4 days a week. Physical at work also.
I also noticed all dr. Have different food guidelines.
I did stall and then dropped fast.

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They are some nice stats! Good work

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      I was down to lowest weight of 117, kept around 123 for couple years, but recently due to covid gained back. got back up to 146, been trying to bounce back some and right now am at 140. Goal 117-120 ish.
      Experimenting with Macros:
      Keto- 900 calories
      Fat 75%, Net carbs 5%, Protein 20%.
      7/17/21: Day one: lightheaded, tired, randown, headache, not really that hungery, but thinking of food consistently, also but out alcohol and sugar, blah.
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      1. Candace76

        Wishing you luck to get back where you want to be!😊

      2. alysia.rush

        Thank you!

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