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  1. So I got word from my surgeons office this morning that my insurance approved the surgery!!! Yay!! I go the 25th foe pre-op appt and schedule my surgery. I'm so excited, nervous, worried....ahhhh I can't wait!

    hey thats great...congrats!!! are you still with Dr. Goldstein? I am 4 weeks out and 26lbs down

  2. Hi Jerseygirl,

    I have gone through Dr. Goldstein, Dr. Diebler and Kelly. I honestly could not ask for a better team of people helping me with this journey! I started in June emailing Dr. Goldstein and he personally responded to all of my questions. I went to his seminar in July and had my first consult with him in September. It took me from Sept 10th till early November to complete everything. Dr. Dieblers meeting consisted of her asking some questions and me filling out a 300 question survey type test. I was meeting with Kelly about once a week she was covered by my insurance. She is great at what she does and helped me lose the 10lbs required by Dr.Goldstein prior to surgery and has given me so much information about post surgery. I'am scheduled for surgery December 6th which is this Monday. I am so happy with my decision to choose Dr. Goldstein. Please don't let the checklist overwhelm you. Once you get started everything seems to fly by. The thing that takes the longest is to receive sleep study results. If Dr. Goldstein recommended you to have a sleep study try and see a pulmonary Dr. and schedule one right away. I wish you all the luck with this journey and if you have any questions about Dr.Goldsteins program Id be happy to talk more!


    Hi Becca I hope all went well today. When you feel up to it let us know how it went and how you are feeling.

  3. Congrats! I have all appts. Scheduled....already had lab work and barrium swallow : / done. The more I get accomplished on my journey the more nervous I get....I keep second guessing myself...but @ 29 y/o and being overweight my entire adult life...trying every diet known to man...I hope this is what I need....what is ur pre op diet ??? I'm so glad I found someone else using dr goldstein : ) to relate to.

    The pre op diet... Dr. Goldstein said full liquid diet the day before surgery... But I watched so many youtube videos and they all say do the two week liquid diet cause it helps with the surgery and recovery. so I am on day 3 of liquid diet, and its not that bad. My wonderful husband who is not fat at all is doing the Protein shakes with me.... I know how you feel about second guessing yourself I think a lot of us do I know I did and I still do.

  4. Thank Dori good luck on getting your answer Tuesday. Just wondering how long was the process with Dr. Deibler and Kelly? There was another place recommended to me, which didn't take insurance and was 599.00 they said the process can be three to six months....I thought that was crazy. I have appointments set up for the other tests just waiting to hear back from Dr. Deibler on Monday. So how long did you work them to get clearance for the surgery?? Thanks

    Thank you! I saw Dr. Deibler once I had to take a written test. Then she talked to me, she said ok I am a good canidate for Lap band. She said give her a few days to get a letter to Dr. Goldstein. (It took 3 hours) With Kelly I saw her once also, it took an hour she gave me good advice on what to eat and how to make good choices. My insurance did not cover either one so i paid out of pocket. $499.00 for Dr. Diebler and $125.00 for Kelly.

  5. I'm very new to this...within the last month I have gone to my first seminar for Lapband and had my first consult with Dr. Adam Goldstein of Voorhees. Going through my checklist from him for all the tests that need to be done...Just wondering if anyone had any input on Dr. Goldstein or the Healthy Lifestyles Program he recommends for pre-surgery consults and testing. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you so much...

    I am using Dr. Goldstein. I like him and his Staff is wonderful. I did not go to the New beginnings program I went to see Dr. Deibler for psychological clearance and Kelly Burgess dietitian. They were nice and it was easy. I hope to get banded in Dec. I'll find out on Tuesday.

  6. Hi I have the same insurance and they denied me.

    I am so mad!!!! I called them back in July and asked them if I was covered and what I needed, they said all I need is a letter of necessity from my doctor. My surgeon wanted a whole list of things to do and I did

    Seminar 7/13

    BMI 40.7

    1. PCP letter... Done 8/26

    2. Blood work... Done 8/25

    3. Barium swallow... Done 8/27

    4. Psychological..... Done 9/23 which I paid $500.00 for cause insurance wounld not pay for it.

    5. Nutitional... Done 9/8 which I also paid $125.00 again cause insurance would not pay for it.

    6. sleep Study Apena test.. Done.8/27 I have a CPAP now

    7. Cardiac clearance Stress test and EKG.. Done 10/12

    done and submitted to the insurance on Oct. 20. on Nov.1 I called the insurance company and they said i was denied and that I needed to do a 3 to 6 months sup. diet. Now I ask why didnt they tell me that back in July when I called them. sorry I just need to vent. I hope you have better luck!!!!

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