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    I have been off track for a few months now and trying to get back on. My Mom died suddenly in December, and that was all I needed it seems, to go right back to the old habits. I know that I have been eating entirely to much and the wrong things. The past couple of weeks, I have tried to straighten myself out and watch what I eat,I can still eat more than the recommended 4 ounces at each meal, but have lost 6 pounds though. Does this mean it is time for a fill? I have had 2 fills since having my surgery last August, both times, the first day was all liquids and the second day I could eat the 4 ounces and feel full but within just a couple of days I was eating more than that. For those of you that have reached their "sweet spot", does that mean you are able to eat only the recommended amount or..what? Very confused as to whether or not call for another fill...please help

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