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  1. I wonder if anybody else has found any types of allowed flavorings that make their Protein Drinks actually FUN to take?

    I don't have a problem with what I've been using (Body Fortress in the chocolate and vanilla ... made the mistake of buying the strawberry -- don't do it :-), but they got boring.

    Yesterday opened my can of powders? utm_source=BariatricPal&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=CommentLink" target="_ad" data-id="1" >unjury unflavored (unjury.com), added it to 8 oz. of milk and then threw in about a tablespoon of banana cream flavored sugar free, fat free Jell-O pudding mix (powder). Shook it, let it sit for five minutes, and voila ... banana cream milkshake!

    It was marvelous.

    I've got the butterscotch and one other flavor (can't remember which) of Jell-O pudding power (SF/FF) in my closet and am looking forward to trying those with the Unjury unflavored too.

    Oh -- one other thing -- especially if you're still on "clears" pre or post op: the Unjury unflavored Protein is terrific when added to chicken, beef or vegetable broth. Be careful not to heat the broth too much, though, or the Unjury will lump together and not dissolve. And then it is, quite simply, gross.

    Glad I'm banded ... looking forward to my first fill!:)

  2. Yes, I did cheat (yesterday and today) and I sure WISH I'd have a reaction!

    It amounted to a binge (albeit on pureed) foods, but a lot eaten at one time and with liquids. Like a normal-sized meal.

    I know it was a dopey move and I absolutely know better, at twelve days post-op. I'm the kind of person who has to test the rules sometimes before I believe them.

    I ate in response to "head hunger" and am looking forward to a class my hospital will be offering this Fall on how to deal with head hunger.

    I am living and learning. The hard way, as usual. :)

  3. I was just banded on August 2nd and so far it's been an absolutely fantastic experience, except for the "Oh, my head hasn't changed, I still sometimes crave foods!" part ;-).

    I've started a blog as a way to chronicle my journey and also have some fun with it ... trying to incorporate some humor into what is -- let's face it -- not always an easy road to walk.

    If I show you my blog will you show me yours?

    My Life as a Bandit

    And are there any blogs you regularly follow that you'd recommend?


    Laurie AE in Massachusetts

    Nine pounds down and losing ...:thumbup:

  4. Hi -- jumping in here, as I'm having my band surgery on August 2nd, just over two and half weeks away.

    I've done ALL the stuff I had to do to a) get approved for the surgery and :grouphug: just be in the "sit and wait" stage, except that it's not really sit and wait because I had to lose 5% of my body weight to do this and I can't go back above it because if I do they'll cancel the surgery.

    It's hard work, as all of us know, to manage the weight ... I'm so focused on not regaining that weight that I find it hard to get totally pumped about the surgery, but I am going to get through it. I haven't come this far to blow it all now!

    Laurie in NE Massachusetts

    Looking forward to being able to shop in the "normal size" stores again someday ...


  5. Hi there!

    I'm about 4-6 weeks pre-op (date TBD pending 6/15 visit with surgeon) and would love to connect with a mentor.

    A bit about me:

    I'm 44 years old, divorced, do volunteer work, live north of Boston, weigh 292 (down from 303 before I started towards the 5% weight loss I need to achieve pre-surgery), and would ideally like to lose 130 pounds (goal weight: 160 lbs.)

    I've had all my pre-op testing done, been medically cleared for surgery, and am just awaiting my appointment with the surgeon. :(

    All that said -- my mind needs to catch up with my body! This is such a huge life transition and I don't want to do it completely on my own. The more help and guidance I can get the better. There's nothing like somebody who's "been there and done that" to understand.

    Thanks for reading -- hope to hear from someone soon!

    Laurie :thumbup:

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