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  1. Im at 10cc right now. I go for my 4th fill tomorrow. I think im almost there but i can still definetly eat more than 4oz. I hope i dont get too tight. I experience tightness when i eat and smtimes i experience the tightness with Water. But there are sometimes I feel like i can eat and eat and eat.

    I too would like someone to explain in detail what the 'sweet spot' is all about.

    am I there and just dont know it? I know that sounds dumb but.. really am I?:)

  2. Try the Surgical Center of Ft Worth. Its off Pipeline in Hurst.

    I go there and everything is done with flouro. :biggrin:

    The nurses that do the fills there are great and have all been banded as well. They know what they are doing and are always willing to help.

    Im from Juarez and with all the violence going on over there... I wouldnt go in trying to look for a doctor to do a fill.

    Try the Surgical Center.

    Best of luck to ya!

  3. WOW!!

    I feel so far behind :thumbup:

    I was banded on 5/6/2010 and hv only lost 18lbs. I have had 2 fills and am now at 7.4 ccs in a 14 cc band.

    thats abit discouraging.

    BUT im not gonna give up and neither can you! :smile2:We are all in this together. I agree with the others. Get back on the scale and get back on track TODAY. :smile2:

    Thats the beauty of the band... It will start working with you as long as you work with it! :smile2:

    Im alsmot at my sweet spot. I cant wait for this weight to start falling off.

    Hang in there. Message me if I can help in anyway :biggrin:

  4. I just had my 2nd fill. i am now at 7.4 ccs in a 14cc band!

    Thats alot! And here I am with little restriction. I feel a lil different. but I hv friends that have been banded for much longer than I have and they are barely in the 6.somethings (4or 5th fills.):)

    Im hoping that this will take me to my sweet spot. Im praying that this restriction I feel will last forever!!! LOL

    I cant beleive im this high up in the CCs dept and hv little restriction. (I have my next fill on 6/30... and looks like I might need it!):sigh:

    hang in there. Im 5.5 weeks out and down only 12lbs. :thumbup: i know it sounds good but i really thought i would hv lost more by now.

    Living in Bandster Hell! I just pray im not a permanent resident:cursing:


  5. ok i had my fill yesterday... Piece of cake!!! evertyhing went great! They told me I already had 1.4 ccs in my band and they gave me 3 ccs more.

    GRAND TOTAL-4.4!!

    We will see how today goes. Im on a liquid diet for about 5 days. Which readlly sucks cause we have alot of family get togethers for graduations!!!

    but its all good. Im down 3 more pounds! WOOHOO!

    I just hope i get sm restriction with this fill. So far so good.

    ill keep you guys posted.

    for all of those scared about the fills... dont stress out about it. It really was fast and easy! AND I HATE NEEDLES!!!

  6. Ok! Back from my fill! It was a piece if cake! They gv me 3ccs. Which makes it a grand total of 4.4ccs. The doc put in 1.4 at surgery. But what sucks is that NOW I hv to be on a liquid diet for 5 days! There r way to many graduation partys the weekend! Oh well its all. My pouch hasn't stretched, got my first fill, lost 3lbs! Life Is Good!!

    I get my next fill on 6/15! Woohoo. I'm getting a fill every two weeks till I hit my sweetspot!

    Ok I'm off to drink a shake!

    Best of luck to u guys!

  7. i on the other hand hv not been doing so good. I go for my first fill today and i am scared i may hv already stretched my pouch! it sucks!

    Keep ur fingers crossed that it is all in my head! I hv no restriction yet so idk.. maybe it is all in my head.

    i wake in the middle of the night with this deep hallow feeling in my pouch! IT HURTS! I dont eat past 6pm... idk if this is hurting me or helping me. I dont feel much difference in my clothes :confused:

    im not doubting my band.. i just dont think im using it correctly....

    any advice?

  8. hey guys has anyone had a fill yet?

    i get my first fill today!!

    i hope i get some kind of good restriction with this first fill.

    I feel like i eat WAY too much!

    in fact im scared i may hv already stretched my pouch!!!

    YEAH!!! :confused: but il find out today.

    Ill keep you guys posted. I just wanted to see how everyone was doing and if anyone has had a fil yet. If so what should i expect... will they check if my pouch has stretched? Is it too early to be worried about this? I have read about it happening to ppl but it wasnt until they have been at least 5-6 months out and have restriction in their bands.

    IDK... HELP GUYS!!!

  9. So I'm 10 days post op and on a soft food, mushie diet right now. I was able to add fresh fruits today, which I am VERY excited about. However, I am HUNGRY!!!! And it's not just head hunger that I've read about, I am hungry!!!!

    I have absolutely no restriction when I eat, which I understand is normal, but I can eat waaaaayyyy more than I should and am not having any problems with the size bite I take or how long I chew.

    Is this normal? Or am I just abnormal?!?!?!

    Im right there with you! im starving! I know exactly what they are talking about Bandster Hell! And believe me its HELL!

    I get mad because im scared that imma gain the weight I have lost BACK!

    Is that possible? Has that happened to anyone?

    I dont get a fill until 6/2. Thats 2 weeks away! WTHECK am I gonna do until then?

  10. I think you should try your hardest to not let that bum you out. Personally, I'm only weighing myself when my doctor does it because I don't want to let a number determine my success. I would suggest that when you feel down about not being restricted enough or something else, that you focus on how much better you feel. I know my quality of life has already vastly increased.

    I want to name my band too! :laugh:

    I start the soft food stage tomorrow. Although, I'm still afraid to eat. I'm not sure what my restriction will be. What are some of the things y'all ate or will eat during this stage?

    Naming my band was my hubbys idea... He said I should give it a name so that I would feel more connected to my band.

    :w00t: its wrapped around my stomach, idk how much more connected you can get!

    Well, I didnt get a chance to go to the mall last night to weigh in @ GNC. The only reason Im doing this is because im trying to weigh myself after every stage. liquids and now Mushies. I go back to the doc next week for my follow up.:w00t:

    I just wish I wasnt so hungry :drool:

    i had a bit to much Protein yesterday and it did NOT agree with me :thumbup:

    I def tell the difference in my clothes already. :thumbup:

    Does anyone have any NSVs yet? (non scale victories)

    do you guys think we should move this thread to the POST OP section of this site? :drool:

  11. Ok- so today has been extra hard. I'm on my last day of mushies… and starving.

    ( I have braces and got them tightened yesterday… that does not help)

    I've been having tons of Protein but still nada. Still hungry! What the heck is going on. I know I hvnt had a fill but still I shouldn’t be this hungry. I get full pretty quickly but an hour later I'm hungry again.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I start reg foods tomorrow. I'm hoping that I will be able to stay fuller longer. I know I'm only supposed to be eating 3 times a day. But man this week has been so hard. Mushies was a horrible stage for me :w00t:

    I'm going to GNC to weigh myself tonight. I like to go there because they give me a print out of my weight and BMI. I like to keep them for my records :wink:

    But I need suggestions seriously.

    I guess I know what they're talking about when I read on threads about BANDER HELL! I hope I'm not a permanent resident here:eek:

  12. Sooooo???? How did it go? How are you feeling? Been sending good thoughts your way!!!! My day's coming up, only 3 more days!!!


    It went ok... i lost 7lbs on the preop.

    My surgery went well but recovery was a bit harsh... to say the least!

    But im better now. I thought I was only going to have to be out for 3 days and it turned into a week!

    I was so bloated from all the gas that I couldnt sit up straight for longer than an hour :)

    It sucked!

    But im all better now. Im on the mushies stage... I have gained .5lbs WHICH REALLY TICKED ME OFF!!!!

    but I have read threads that say this is normal and not to freak out.

    Im not freaking out Im just PISSED!!!

    lol... hope all is well with everyone...


  13. DAY 3 pre op Diet. Are any of you dealing with sleepiness and ajust an overall lack of energy with the diet? I am taking a Multivitamin and even eating a very small portion of lean meat and green veggies. I am using Protein shakes that have less than 3g of carbohydrate but most of them are 0 carb. Just wondering if any of you are experienceing this too.


    I have been extreeeeeeemly tired!:glare:

    im usually pretty active. we have been going to the gym (just so that my body can get used to it cause i plan on the gym being my second home)

    But lately I cant wait to get home and sleep after work!

    im sure its the lack of carbs. im just surprised i hvnt gotten headaches. :)

    Im sure the tirednes will go away soon after surgery! Best of luck to ya...

    :biggrin:Oh and by the way GO MAVS!!:bored:

    yeah i know we lost the first round... But we will be back next yr :tt2::lol:

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