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  1. Whats good Rick? Long time no talk. How have you been??

  2. Hey Melissa I came across your profile and noticed you were banded the month before! Congrats! We also were about the same weight. I would love to keep in contact with ya on your progress! :) You pics look GREAT!

  3. Hey girl I am doing good after a tough time when I first got banded! I'm just trying to get use to the new banded life :D Hope all is well.

  4. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I am NOW BANDED!!!! I was banded 9/20/10! I'm doing pretty well still a lil sore but its all worth it!

  5. Hey girl congrats on hitting that 100+lbs! That is awesome! You should be soooooooooooo PROUD of yourself!!!

  6. Hey girl how you doing? Thanks for the request. :)

  7. ha ain't that the truth...after i got past the first two wekd i was ok!! don't get me wrong i could pick one up and smoke right now but im trying to keep going!! shoot i made it this far!

  8. hi hun!! one more day till your hubby is home!! i bet you are excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. OMG wow man thats GREAT! Congrats!!!! I'm doing great! Stopped smoking a month ago today!! :) Keep up the great work! :)

  10. Work it girl! You look great!! :)

  11. I'm doing great and you?? I have to wait till Sept/Oct bc of my insurance. I see you had to wait 3 months!! Such a pain BUT least insurance will cover it! :)

  12. Hey there!! How's it going?

  13. Wow girl that is AWESOME!! YAY Congrats! How long did you stay off work. I think we pretty much have the same job! I am also a Real Estate Admin. I planned on doing my surgery like Wed or Thursday and then going back to work on Monday! Awww I'm excited for you!! Keep up the great work!

  14. Hey girl! I'm doing fine...Just trying to be patient and stay postive. I have my sec doc apt next week. I wish October would hurry up and get here! How's everything going for you?

  15. Hey girl! How are you doing?

  16. Hey there just thought I would drop by and say hi!

  17. Hey Rick! Whats going on? How you doing? Nice new pics! Great job!

  18. Hey there! Just stopping by to say hello! Congrats on that 16lbs!

  19. yeah the waiting period stinks esp when you are so hype'd up to get everything done! keep in touch let me know how thinfs are going!

  20. I just started the process. I have to meet the 6 month requirement bc of my ins. UGH...I just hope the 6 months go fast. I'm so excited

  21. wow awesome job!! 100 lbs in 5 months WOW! Congrats!

  22. Aww only a few more days left for you!! yay!! Please please keep me posted and let me know how everything goes. Yeah girl when they told me SIX months I was like you have to be kidding!?!? :( Oh well at least my ins does cover it!! Oh yeah we have Dunkin here too!! I told my hubby my last meal was going to include cheese fries lol!

  23. Awesome job girl! You look AMAZING! I started my 6 month waiting period yesterday!! Wish I would have started before now! I am also in that Dallas area! Where did you have your Lapband done at?

  24. Hey there! I saw your blog on "last meal" I just started my six month waiting period and I was thinking about that last meal thing last night! When are you getting banded? I have to wait till Sept/Oct!

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