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  1. Today is my 6 month bandiversary. I have 8cc in an 11cc Realize band. I am down 55 pounds and have 35 to go. I feel so much better and just feel LIGHT. I had my 6th fill last week and just now got restriction. I have slimed twice and pb'd once. Wow. I started chewing and eating slower pronto. I don't count calories, but eat smaller portions of meats and veggies. Greek yogurt daily. I do eat a treat twice a week, usually ice cream (small serving). No snacking or grazing. I stay satisfied for 4-5 hours and if I do get hungry before mealtime I just wait it out. I do drink vodka or wine twice a week and eat out. 75grams protein and 75cc water daily. I am not a very consistant exerciser, but ride my recumbant bike and use my exercise bands 3-4 times a week. Am looking forward to nice weather to get outside and walk. I can't say it has been easy, I have had to use restrain on my eating, but I do believe the band has helped me stay focused and goal oriented. Bonnie
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    I'm a loser...and not in a good way

    No lecture or harsh words from me. You have alot of stress on you right now, you have gotten excellent advise from the above posters. Don't give up, Fluffy. Take a step back and regroup. Do just one thing for a week, Get all your protein, drink all your water, take your vitamin, eat healthy. It may not all happen at once, but if you change one thing at a time it will happen. Keep the faith, baby, keep the faith. Believe in your band. And 26 pounds down is 26 pounds gone. Bonnie
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    I have been banded since 8/24/2010 and am down 51 pounds. I have never 'thrown up' or pb'd, but did slime last night. I ate three cooked, soft carrots way to fast and did not chew well enough. I knew they were 'stuck' had pain in mid chest and began to slime. This was mouthful after mouthful of thick saliva. I could not swallow and had to keep spitting it out. It lasted about 20 minutes. There was not way I could get it up or down. I walked around with my arms above my head until it passed. Believe me, I am gonna chew chew chew. I had a fill two weeks ago, bringing me to 7.5 in an 11cc Realize band and I finally have some restriction. I don't say that because of the slime episode, I say that because my portions have gotten much smaller and I get "full" sooner. Took 5 1/2 months and 6 fills to get here, but then again, 51 pounds in 5 months is pretty good. I luv my band. Bonnie
  4. bonnie51

    Partners who Sabotage

    Oh, Dear, I am sorry you are going thru this. It seems obvious he is very threatened by your weight loss. Has he always been jealous and controlling? This must be just miserable for you, but you can't let him sabotage your weight loss and journey to health. Perhaps he will come around if you just go about your business and get healthy. Do you have a counselor or pastor you can turn to? Please try and get some help for both of you. Good luck with your continued success. Bonnie
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    One Year Out

    That is too bad you had such a bad year. Your fathers death undoubtably threw you. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start over again. No shame in that Beauty. It is good you have mourned and will continue to do so, but now it is time to care for yourself. How is your band adjustment? Perhaps a visit back to your surgeon for a tweak of a fill? You can do this, the band has worked for you and will again if you work with it. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you post and let us know you are "workin' the band". Bonnie
  6. I think it iw normal to be afraid that "we are the only one" the band will fail. In reality there are statistically very few leaks etc with the band. I read about bandster hell and feel like I am in it, but I am 46 pounds less than I was on Aug 7, when I started my preop liquid diet. I lost 25 pounds in the first 6 weeks of preop and surgery and have fricken fought off every other pound since then. I suppose if I exercised more (pretty much at all) and put down the cocktails two times a week I could move the scale faster, but WHOA, I am not going to get all crazy. lol Bonnie
  7. I have a Realize 11cc band and have had fills: 3cc, 3cc, 2cc, we then pulled out fluid since I had no restriction and found only 5cc. darn! He then gave me 1cc and two weeks later another 1cc. So who knows how much I have? Rather disappointing, but he says it doesn't matter how much is in the band, but how you feel. I still have no restriction, have never been stuck, slimed or pb'd. I am happy for that, but wow, I want this band turned on! He will fill every two weeks and I have been in there trying. Don't get too discouraged, everyone says restriction will come. For now I am just using alot of willpower. Bonnie
  8. bonnie51

    Greek Yogurt

    We love the Chobani. Very creamy and able to eat everyday without getting bored.

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