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  1. Does anyone have a favorite site to track food and exercise? I've used Sparkpeople in the past, but I'm wondering if there are any better ones out there. Extra points for a site that has an mobile/iphone version as well!
  2. Thank you all so much! This is so helpful.
  3. I just had my surgery at the same facility. How wonderful to see your success- and hoping to do as well!
  4. Geez, my surgeon is hardcore. He told me (as I was waking up from anesthesia) that he expected me in the gym, doing situps and an hour workout, in 7 days. I'm on day 6 out and not sure how I feel about doing situps just yet.
  5. I wonder if the problem wasn't as much the consistency as the ingredients? Chili powder, tomatoes- maybe it was irritating? I have a couple little ones running around too- it makes it more challenging! I had surgery the same day as you. :biggrin: I am not hungry at all, all day, then BOOM 7 pm and I didn't eat enough and I'm dying (which was part of the problem before the band, as well.) LOL like everything, take this time to be a learning experience. If you're concerned, of course call the surgeon- if nothing else I bet it would put your mind at ease.
  6. jav

    liquid diets

    I don't remember where I found this- on another surgery site, I think- but someone recommended Syntrec nectar from Vitamin Shoppe. I have the Caribbean Cooler and it's very good, almost like drinking juice. Just another way to mix it up. My doc put me on Protein shakes 2 weeks prior and THREE WEEKS after surgery, so I'm looking EVERYWHERE for ideas, lol. The Atkins shakes were OK for a while but if I have to taste another one....blech!
  7. Trust me, I wouldn't have taken it without the surgeon's permission!
  8. I had mine on 3/12 and I am still awfully sore too. The first day or two were excruciating, and of course everyone I talked to beforehand was very "lalala, I didn't even need Tylenol!" The incisions were a breeze but the port site-owwwwww. I was sent home with liquid Lortab, which didn't do squat for me. Fortunately the surgeon OK'd me using Motrin, which was so much more helpful. Today is the first day I'd say I feel human. And hungry. :scared2: I went to see a movie with a friend and she very graciously asked if I minded before getting any food. She got popcorn and I had a shake I sneaked in. I just sat next to her and sniffed. :thumbup:
  9. Hey bamagirl- I'm getting mine on Friday too! I'm excited and nervous and then excited again.

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