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  1. Back in May I had all of the liquid taken out of my band and it didn't fix my eating problem as almost every solid food came back up within 10 min. The doctor preformed an EDG (scope down my thoat) to see if they could see a problem. Unfortunately, the area by the band was extremely tight. In the picture he took, it looks like a tiny hole. He dialated my esophagus while I was under and I was sooo hoping that the next day that might have worked. It did not. They believe at this point my band slipped down onto the bigger section of my stomach. I'm having it removed on Monday. I have such mixed emotions about removing the band. I really hoped that this would have worked for me. :(

  2. For me, yes, he knows and has no answer for it. I must just be one of the "special" ones! But he does advise LapBand is NOT his first choice of weight loss and I agree with him now. This will be my 3rd unfill and my band had not slipped as of last time. I have had 1/2 cup of coffee today at home (some came up when I bent over this morning....gross I know) and now I'm trying to get my 11 oz Protein Shake down and I sound like a frog here in my office with the internal sounds creeping up from within. I sound like I'm possessed! On a normal day, I can't actually eat real food until well after 6-7 pm and still PB almost after every meal. I can see a lapband being worth this trouble IF I was skinnier but I am not. I would NOT recommend a lap band to anyone at this point. Wasted $$ for me 100% and I had to self pay. Very disappointed.

  3. I have dealt with this same problem for a very long time. Some days I can't even keep liquid down. Today, after apprx 2 years since surgery, I am having all the liquid taken out of my band. My quality of life sucks to say it nicely. I have had problems with slimming ever since I started getting fills. You know things are bad when my young daughter was excited to here I am doing this today. Sorry I don't have any advise to help you with this. I've tried everything and am tired of being a bulimic as well. It is just not worth it any longer.

  4. I guess every doctor is different. Mine said absolutely no fill before 6 weeks. I waited 8 weeks and just had it done last Thursday. My port was extremely sore ~4 weeks post opp. If you don't think you need it just yet, maybe wait a bit.

  5. Awesome thanks guys!

    One of her collueges actually came in the room and i told her and she was like AWESOME!

    The nurse looked at her and said "im trying to tell her not to go"

    The other nurse was like why?

    Soooo i just think she doesnt want me to miss work .. ugh She even tried to make me take the surgery dates as vacation instead of sick days.

    People can be so crazy lol

    She is just green with envy knowing you want to better yourself. She'll probably find bad things to say about the US doctors if you decided to go that route. I was banded in MX two months ago. Super doctor, super staff! I would return in a heartbeat.

  6. For me, I have told people. Before the surgery I told my parents and a few others. And now afterwards, I've told more. I'm not ashamed of having the surgery but was ashamed at how I let myself get this way. I am so proud that I have finally put myself first for a change and taking control of my life... and the rest of my life. I've only had positive feedback from everyone. Funny thing is I really thought someone you say "hey you don't need it" but no one did. I knew I was making the right choice and will glad spread the word to help others take control of their lives as well.

  7. Hi Kerri,

    I had my surgery on a Friday and was back to work on Tuesday. You'll be a bit sore and slow but 2 days should be fine. This is not near as bad as a C-section. C-Sections make you tough :thumbup: Just don't over do it. You'll need to wear comfortable clothes. You will be sore and tight waistbands do hurt. You'll be alittle swollen. Good Luck.

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