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    Very! Like someone else above, I can't eat in the mornings. Just drink coffee until about 11am. And it depends on the day; some days I get stuck on everything (even if it's foods I usually eat with no issues), other days it seems like literally there's no band there. I've had four fills and 2 defills....I'm not sure now if I need another fill or not. Evenings I'm very loose, mornings I'm very tight. This is more difficult than I thought it would be!
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    I am sure you will find the Soup helpful, i got the idea from when i used to eat out i would never have soup as a starter because it fills me up and i wouldnt eat my meal .. I have eaten soup before my main meal every day since being banded and i love it .. My partner lost 80lbs by eating soup before his meals too as he would not be satisfied with smaller meals either and he wasnt even banded ... sometimes we just have to go with what works and not what is standard
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    Thank you for your replies. I have my daily calorie goal set for 1200 calories on myfitness pal. I've managed to stay right at that level for the last three days. I know that in another two days I'll lose my mind because I feel so hungry.
    My Protein is usually pretty high because I do a lot of exercise. I got 100 grams today. I eat grilled chicken, egg beaters, chobani yogurt, and muscle milk light.
    I also drink a lot of Water. I do have good habits but I'm more like a person without a lapband. Biologically, my body is doing everything it can to maintain this weight and I thought the lapband would give me at least some help but it's like nothing is there, just something that makes me throw up and not let me eat certain foods anymore.
    I'm still confused why it's not working for me.
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    I struggled in the beginning and didn't lose fast either. But I stuck it out and did what I knew I had to do. My PA told me I may be the few % that the band doesn't control hunger....lucky me! I got a fill today and hoping for the best.
    Weightloss surgery or not, if you eat too many calories ya ain't gonna lose weight! How many calories are you eating a day? I try and keep mine to 1000-1300 a day.

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