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In April 2010, I had a lap band placed by Dr. Terry Simpson in Scottsdale AZ.  I did well while on the liquid diet and lost about 10 pounds, but as soon as I was able to transition to solids, I encountered many issues.  Unfortunately, my body didn't adjust well to the band, and after struggling for 6 months with dehydration and constantly being stuck (and losing only 22 pounds), I elected to remove all of the fluid and live life as I had before the band.
Fast forward to October 2014.  I started to get bad stomach pains and stuck all the time like I did when I had fluid in my band.  I was referred to Dr. Podkameni at Banner Estrella (Phoenix).  He did a barium contrast study and found that things were passing as expected, but that I did have a a rather large hiatal hernia that could be the culprit.  Next step to diagnose pains was en EDG. The EDG results showed that my Lap Band had eroded through my stomach and needed to be removed.  I decided after the EDG that Dr. P and I were not a good fit, and coincidentally saw one of his office partners during my follow up; Dr. Flavia Soto.  There was an instant connection; I loved her, so she became my new doctor. 
In April 2015 I had my Lap Band removed and discussed my options with Dr Soto about how to proceed in life.  The band made quite a bit of mess with my stomach, and Dr Soto was concerned that due to the stricture created with the scar tissue, future blockages were a large risk.  Combined with the hiatal hernia, we started discussing how a RNY procedure, although never something I had ever considered or thought necessary, would be a very good option for me.  I had to wait 4 months to heal from the lap band removal before starting the 3 month MSWL for my insurance to cover the RNY.  I was approved for the RNY surgery in November and scheduled to have my RNY on Jan 11, 2016.
The surgery was the least difficult part of this entire journey!  I was in very little pain post-op, was up and walking 6 hours after, and went home without any drains, tubes or issues!  I took that week (Jan 11-15) off from work and returned the following week ready to resume life as a gastric bypass patient.
On the day of surgery, I was 250.2 and today (3 weeks later) I am 233.5, down 16.7 pounds. I can't believe that in 3 short weeks, I'v already passed 15 pounds!  I don't have any issue drinking water/fluids, and find that I can take 2 swallows at a time without incident.  Daily vitamins have become part of my routine, and aside from my nighttime omepriazole, I rarely forget to take them.  Aside from only being able to eat tiny portions, I feel 100% normal; like nothing ever happened.
There are a few things that I struggle with on a daily basis though:
  not drinking when I eat.  This will take me quite a while to get down.     drinking the protein shakes needed to maintain the 65 g goal my Dr has set   dealing with head hunger   unreal expectations with regards to daily losses. For example, I have been the same weight for 3 days and am.going.insane.   grasping the do's and don't of what to eat in life   BELIEVING that this time I will lose weight    taking compliments that I look good    
Anyway, I just found this forum and am very much looking forward to browsing and learning from everyone here!  

Age: 45
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Starting Weight: 263.7 lbs
Weight on Day of Surgery: 250.2 lbs
Current Weight: 233.5 lbs
Goal Weight: 150 lbs
Weight Lost: 30.2 lbs
BMI: 38.9
Surgery: Gastric Bypass
Surgery Status: Post Surgery
First Dr. Visit: 10/05/2014
Surgery Date: 01/11/2016
Hospital Stay: n/a
Surgery Funding: Insurance
Insurance Outcome: 1st Letter Approval
prdmommyof3's Bariatric Surgeon
Phoenix, Arizona 85015

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