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    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    You should never be mad at yourself for still losing weight. I have ionly lost 25 lbs since surgery but I look at it as that I am feeling better looking better then I did without the surgery. Like they say the first 4 weeks are for healing and some people gain in that 4 weeks. Just make sure youre getting out and going to support groups!
  2. StevieVieth


    As long as your feeling better its ok. I did the day after surgery. I was over night at the hospital, just hadda be careful my surgeon said no birth control for 3 weeks following surgery because of the high blood clot risk. Be sure to use CONDOMS!
  3. StevieVieth

    Southern Jersey...Anybody?

    Im from South Jersey, Mays Landing and I live right around the corner from Atlanticare Life Center where Dr. O's office is. I LOVE DR. O and his whole staff. I was banded 3/2 and I am doing great sadly their support group is only once a month, and I would like to get into something else. I will go there tonight but blah! No regrets and I recommend Dr. O for ANYONE who is in Sj and wants to get the band.
  4. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    I check in on occasion..... Ive been walking A LOT!!! This week I have hit like 16 miles or so, and I did six one day. But its Leslie Sansones walking bootcamp with intense intervals of jogging and strength training. Tonight is support group I missed it the last two months since surgery. This nice weather is als good, cause it motivates me to get out more. I am doing well sometimes I can still eat more or I feel that Im still hungry, but the dr said if you are smaller and dont have so much to lose the fills take longer before you reach restriction. Lately I keep getting told that I didnt need the band, and that Im small now and dont have a reason for the band. How hard is it to get through to people and explain that 180 lbs isnt normal nor healthy on a 4'10" person? Im suppose to weigh about 100 lbs soaking wet.... 120 is still not anywhere near skinny on my little frame. But it is a healthy weight, and thats where I am trying to get down too. My next fill is on the 3rd I already have 6cc's in a 10 cc band so they said this fill will probably be the sweet spot but not guarenteed. Kepp up the good work fellow march banders!:thumbup:
  5. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I havent checked in a few days. Ive been doing really well. Although I would like to see more progress and not just feel it! I am at 20% to goal the Dr. said, and they usually like to see 40% in a year and I am half way to that in 2 months. I am down 24-25 lbs since surgery which is great. I started at 209 and I am down to 184. I am really trying its hard though. I know what I cant eat and I dont eat it. Sometimes I want too. Lately I am really big on fruits mainly pineapple. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! I have that pretty much everyday. I keep my calories at abou 800 to 1000 a day. I dont really watch and count. I just eat pretty much the same foods over and mix it up everyday. I have uped my workout routine too. My hubby bought me Leslie Sansone's bootcamp dvd, which has brisk jogging intervals and strength training incorporated into the walk 3 miles. My muscles are killing me though!!!!! So far I have had 2 fills, my first one was 4cc's and my second one was 2cc's and I am scheduled for another one on the 3rd of june.I have restriction on and off throughout the day, I think the next fill will top it off and hopefully be my sweetspot! Since my 2nd fill I have trouble eating some foods, like chicken it gets suck easily. And I find that I eat to fast sometimes and I get stuck I need to cut that out! Well ladies keep up the great work:thumbup:
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    Bubble tea!!!!
  7. My surgeon used Dermabond and I loved it! The 4 little ones are barely there, and the port incision isnt that big maybe an inch. I liked the fact that they used Dermabond rather then staples or stitches. It took about 2 weeks for my bond to come off, and that was it I had no problems I washed with Anti-bacterial soap everytime I showered .
  8. StevieVieth

    How did you get fat?

    I wasa thin child, until I hit puberty when was 8.. Yes, I know so young! But after that I was always on the chubby side. From about 12 or 13 till I was 16-17 was160's to 170's I finally had enough and developed eating disorders both anorexia and bulimia for about 4 to 6 months. ALong with a 2 year binge on diet pills constantly and over using. I drastically lost and abundant amount of weight I was down to about 118 lbs and I was content with that. I am however only 4'10ish 4'11 at the most. So I wasnt completely skin and bones. I was a comfortable size 5. I am extremely busty and curvacious. I maintained that weight till I was 20 and got pregnant with my son. I gained 80 lbs when I ws pregnant and when I had my son I became severely depressed and obsessed about my weight. I have binged and purged since having my son only with guilt. But in the last year and a half I have decided I needed to do something about it. I was told I was borderline type 2 diabetic, and borderline thyroid. Nothing they can help me with... So I have been doing well I have lost 24 lbs since surgery 2 months ago and I only have 58 more to lose I am happy with my choice to get the lapband!:thumbup:
  9. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Congrats, Im am that far too!!!!! I have lost 24 lbs in 2 months, they say they want everyone to reach 40% by one year. At the rate that I am going I will be there before 1 yr. Ive only been doing this 2 months.!!! I got my second fill yesterday 2 more cc's. So I have 6cc's in a 10 cc band. I have restriction. They told me that if I dont reach restriction this fill, then in 4 weeks I will 99% chance reach my sweet spot!
  10. StevieVieth

    Protruding port?

    I actually have the exact opposite. My port is actually really tricky to locate, unless I am laying down. When I have my fills ( I have had 2 so far), They have to position the needle on an angle to get it in the port. It is not the most comfortable and I usually have some bruising and port pain afterward.
  11. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Kelsey, dont sweat the small things. I am always back and forth with how I feeel about myself and this procedure. I kind of thought that eventually after I had surgery the weight would come right off!!!! Even though I know its not true. I kind of wish that I knew about the surgery earlier and I would have had more time to recover and lose weight before the summertime hit. Once you get some fills you might feel differently. Like lastnight I was so down on myself but today I am alright. I played hooky last monday and didnt go to therapy, which I think it is essential to talk to someone about the whole proccess. So I think that is what bothered me this week. And to top it off my hubbys bestfriends ex girlfriend, kept referring to me as fat, and that I should shop where her mom shops. The thing is .... SHes bigger then me!!!!! But because I got the lapband done, I guess she thought I was HUGE, like her mom. I am 4'10 and I weigh in the 180's I was 209 at my heaviest, but because I am so short the weigh isnt good for my health at all. I mean it really hurt when she would say things.... Anyways enough ranting thats what my BLOG is for. I go in at 11:45 for my next fill. I wonder how much I will get and such!:thumbup:
  12. StevieVieth

    March bandsters!!!

    I was banded march 2nd and I am down almost 30 lbs since then. Today is my 2 month being banded I have my second fill on wednesday. I currently have 4cc's in a 10cc band!
  13. I just went with my hubby to see Nightmare on Elm street the other night. Friday. WE did get a small popcorn no additional toppings like butter. I only had 2 handfuls and I was great. I dont drink soda and I havent since before the band. I only had soda when I need the carbination. When I was pregnant I had to have it everymorning before I got outta bed. I use to take lots of things to the movies. I dont carrt a purse so usually has to fit in my pockets. I allow myself something like a treat.
  14. StevieVieth

    What are you eating???

    I was banded 3/2 and I go in for my second fill on wednesday. I have 4cc's in my band. Breakfast- 8 oz fat free milk with a no sugar added carnation instant breakfast. Lunch- 1/2 tuna wrap or canned tuna without bread or wrap and some cut fruit. I really like pinapple lately. Dinner- 4 oz chicken or fish. and some veggies I dont really weight or measure my veggies I just take a little portion. If I do broccoli it is like 6 florets. Snack- I try not to snack alot, and if I do its usually a low fat string cheese. I have sorento and they are 50 calories. Or I have some fruit
  15. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Now how tall are you? I am only 4'10 so the weight is hard to bear on a little body. I go in for my next fill this wednesday! I am hoping for something around 2 more cc's I can still eat, slight restriction here and there but almost nothing at all and I have 4cc's in a 10 cc band!I am just thankful that I can doo things that I couldnt 20 lbs heavier! People are noticing that I have been losing weight, I am finally back into Jr's size clothing, well atleat the XL's but I always had problems with shirts ebcause I am big chested, even when I was 120 lbs I had a 32 DD, Now Im a 38 DD but 20 lbs heavier I was 42DD. All you ladies in NY and Nj we should all meet up this summer. Im not far from AC or Ocean City and the summer it would be nice to walk the boardwalks an I think it would be fun!!!!!! :thumbup::thumbup:
  16. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Jodi you are very busy. But you need to make sure you have time to yourself to keep up with your new banded life. Especially the working out part. I dont have money to go to a gym but I am steadily losing weight and working out in my living room!
  17. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Good afternoon March Bandsters. Glad to see everyone is doing well and everyone is having steady weight loss. I am working hard on this. =) my second fill:thumbup: is 5/5
  18. Even when I was small I had DD boobs and not small DD's Large DD's almost popping out of my bra. My breasts are probably the only thing I like about my body now. Ive gone through the weight gain and loss all my life and it never really affected my chest area at all. I didnt breast feed my son because I was iron deficent anemic and I was on pain medication because he ripped in 3 spots. So the dr recommended that I didnt breast feed. Plus I also heard that it is terrible for your chest it actually causes them to sag and I love mine. What I am concerned about is my lower abdomen and my tattoos when I need a tummy tuck.:thumbup:
  19. StevieVieth

    Tattoos after being banded?

    I have 20 tattoos. I was recently tattooed on the 20th of April and still going. The only one I am worried about is the 4 on my hips. Although I was 250lbs when I got them done and then lost weight and they looked fine when I was 120 lbs. THey still look fine at 188 lbs. What I am worried about is that I had a baby 2 years ago which caused my weight gain . So I have like a little preggo pouch/flap close to my pelvic area and if it doesnt spring back when I lose the weight then I will have to have them removed.. Which is not an option. But all of my other tattoos look great.:eek:
  20. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Dont be sad. Your still losing and not gaining look at it that way. As long as it is coming off! I only started @ 209 but I am also 4'10" so it made me look super heavy, but I am down to 188lbs when I got my fill. I still get frustrated I want to be down way down . 2 years ago I was only 120 lbs but then I got pregnant. It all went downhill from there. Today I was actually able to by a Jr size XL and not plus size.:biggrin:
  21. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    I have the Lap Band Ap. and I have 4cc. I would talk to the Doctor, each doctor is different. They may be able to give your more hints on what to eat to keep you full. My doctor says protein.. all day long.
  22. StevieVieth

    Under 30 Lapbanders

    I am 23 and I was banded 3/2/09 I have lost 22lbs since surgery, I have dropped down my BMI by 2 already, and I am still going. I am down from 209 to 188 so far. I have had my first fill on the 14th of April and I will be having my next one on the 10th of may. Socially it has not affected anything. I still have an active social life and I get out. I am careful what I eat when I am out and I make sure if I am out I am always walking. I have a husband and a 2 year old son and since being banded I am able to play with him more!!! I am looking forward to this summer and being able to get out and do my thing. I am open and honest about my band I let people know about it, if they choose to judge me then thats their own problem not mine. So far I have so much support and I dont regret it at all.:thumbup:
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    From the album: Old

  24. StevieVieth

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    I have a total fill of 4cc's and in the morning I am often not hungry and I am full after my protein shake, and I feel more restricted at night time. What size band do you have? I have a 10cc I go for my next fill 5/10 I wonder how much they will give me then,
  25. A friend of mine was banded and she uses these diet aides to try and thin out. I dont know if they work or are they safe to take with the band,I am one month post op as of yesterday and I couldnt tell you my progress. My first fill is 4/14 and I dont own a scale at home!:bored:

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