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    Spanx Causing Pain?

    Interesting idea...I've had to go to Spanx daily as well and hadn't even considered that as a possible source of my shoulder pain. I do know that if I am not careful with the waistband on some I can end up really sore over my port, so I've been making sure it hits as high as possible....I'll have to try and put the timing together. No advise, just a "you may not be alone"..
  2. Thanks so much, both of you! I'll just keep working my way through it!
  3. I have some protien powder that is creeping up on its expiration date, can I extend it by freezing it? For how long? Anyone got any other ideas, as I hate to waste.....TIA!
  4. Haven't posted in a while, but wanted to share. Tomorrow is my 12th wedding anniversay and I was able to fit, comfortably, into the nightgown I wore on my wedding night! DH will be so surprised....I don't know why I saved it, but found it in a drawer as I was doing yet another closet purge. I'm so glad I hung onto it While its been expensive having to buy clothes, I am so proud at being in a 14 - not a W 14, a 14 -14. When I started last Feb I was pushing into a 24W. I have now bought and worn 2 very shapely dresses that show off the waist I didn't know I had. It is beyond a kick to know that I look good...still working my band and am not sure where I will finally settle, but am enjoying the journey.
  5. Karlzmom

    how much wieght loss before first fill

    I am 11 months post-op, having lost a total of 61 pounds after banding w/o a fill. There have been times I've found myself wondering about a fill, but then it passes in a day or so. I think it tied to monthly hormone changes, but having had a hysterectomy it took me a while to put the two issues together , I find that running a journal has been a huge help. When I have felt like the weight should be coming off faster, I look back across time and see how far I've come. I also track my measurements, as I hit a hard weight plateau late last year, but my clothes kept getting bigger. Remember, its a journey, not a race. You will get where you want to be if you stay on program. You didn't gain the weight overnight, it won't be gone by morning!
  6. Karlzmom


    My bra size has changed radically in the last 12 months. I've had to be refit twice, and buy new ones. Sadly, I now have very little "volume", but stil have the skin. Likely I will need to augment and lift, rather than reduce when I get to the point of doing some P.S.
  7. Karlzmom

    Foods you eat/don't eat?

    My favorite "go to" food is the pulled pork from costco, that I add a low carb BBQ sauce [or chutney, or salsa, or whatever else strikes my fancy!]. I am never without it in the fridge, ready to go. I also like thin sliced deli meat with a bit of hummus. Haven't tried Pasta or rice. Never really cared pasta, so why teach myself to eat it again, KWIM? I kind of miss rice, but again don't really want to try. I refuse to try pizza, as if I figured out I could eat it, I'd be right back to square one
  8. 265 - Highest 260 - "official" for start of program 247 - surgery weight 229.4 - 1 month out 219.8 - 2 months out 213.2 - 3 months out 207 - 4 months out 199.8 - 5 months out 196 - 5 months 3 weeks.... so...right now I'm just shy of 70 from the top, 65 from the "official" and 51lbs lost since surgery in slightly less than 6 months. FWIW, I have not had any fills yet....
  9. Karlzmom

    Size 10!!!!

    WTG!!! Great job!!! :laugh:
  10. I just wanted to send a to you. I'm sorry you have to deal with that treatment by your son.
  11. I go...its monthly & unfortunatlely mixes all the procedures into a single meeting so there is a fair amount of time that has nothing at all to do with whatever might be a bandster issue [how many grams of protien does a GBer need? how long until a sleeve gets you back to work? etc] While not ideal, its better than nothing and I'm convinced that sticking with it is part of sticking with the program. Seeing how I have 0 contact with my surgeon, its my only real connection to the program.
  12. I stepped on the scale this morning and my weight started with a *1* for the first time in more than a decade! I had to stand and stare at it for a moment....the band is such a blessing to me! I can't get over how empowering it is to have control over my choices and be able to have positive results on a consistent basis...:thumbup: I want to say thanks to all of you here who have been a word of encouragement when I've needed it, or have offered the benefit of your experiences to a newbie. I truly could not have made it this far without you :thumbup:
  13. Karlzmom

    Wonderland at Last!

    Thanks All for your kind words. :thumbup: In response to the "how"...just small portions, low carb-high Protein..watch the sugars and fats a bit, but really focusing on midnful eating w/some form of movement each day. Its almost embaressing how easy it really has been for me..I haven't even had a fill yet...go figure? Couldn't do it at all before the band, now its all just clicking into place. I hope those of you who mentioned being on the way to wonderland will find the path a smooth one....it really does feel nice to finally get here. :thumbup:
  14. Nope! Zero follow up from anyone...the doc, the hospital or the worthless "bariatric program." If it hadn't been for the kind souls here I'd have been a complete wreck in the early weeks. Even with my sucess, I still feel like it was an experience more like buying a car than medicine....lots of concern to get you onboard then once the "sale" is made...well you all know how helpful the dealer is when you need warranty repairs :thumbup:.
  15. Karlzmom

    My First Plateau

    So if you were to burn calories even on the low end of the range you'd only be actually getting a couple hundred calories day, eh? I know everytime I've hit a plateau its because I'm not really getting my full allotment of calories in...lower calories does not always = faster weight loss...it can be quite the opposite. Try upping your intake to still give your bod the proper number of calories and I bet your losses start up again....Good luck!
  16. Hang in there! I also had a rough go in the early days....turned out it was the post op pain med that was making me terribly nauseous and once I got home on self-med [less potent] the quesiness went away. It took all the way to day 8 to feel even kind of human again....then it improved rapidly. The first week all I could think was what had I done to myself -couldn't even get online for a couple of day! Rest, take your walks, sip, sip, sip and take it day by day. It will get better. 4 months down the road I can't imagine my life with my band and wouldn't change my decsion for anything!
  17. I'm not really Pooh like anymore...more like Alice heading to ONEDERLAND!
  18. Thanks so much! It is a positive affirmation...I'm trying to start thinking "thin"....
  19. Karlzmom


    I have been an active Curves member for about 18 months. I like it because its an easy way to get my daily exercise in...routine is pre-planned, no need to make a particular class time, women are friendly...etc. That said, I found I hit a point that I needed to get on the computer based "Curves Smart" to force me to work myself harder. I can be fairly easy to slip into a "by rote" workout, where you just go through the motions instead of pushing yourself. This is particularly true if you and your workout buddy chat through the circuit. All together, I would recommend Curves, with the proviso that you make sure that you continue to step up your effort levels...but in the begining some movement beats no movement and Curves is a great starting point.
  20. I feel a bit clueless about this, as I am 4+ months post op and haven't had a fill yet. How do you determine if you are ready for one? Is it your hunger level? How much you *can* eat? How long what you eat stays with you? Rate of weightloss? Other X factor? I can't believe I'm having to ask this, but here I am.....I'm not wanting to rush fills, as I figure why make it tougher to eat than it has to be, KWIM? Any advice or thoughts are much appreciated. TIA.:confused:
  21. Karlzmom

    Less Than 100 to Go!

    Congratulations! Remember, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step......enjoy the trip!
  22. Karlzmom

    Why can't I use a straw?

    I look at it this way, what drinks "need" a straw....milkshakes, frappecinos, smoothies....other thick calorie dense drinks that are best avoided anyway? I look at the risk of too much air that will make me uncomfortable even if I can figure out how to burp as an extra reinforcement of my just-say-no to the beverages that I used to love and got me where I used to be....:cursing:
  23. Karlzmom

    TMI a bad bad thing...

    Another word of encouragement from a skeptical worry-wart....I took the plunge despite my fears and can honestly say it has been the best thing I have done for myself in my life...hands down! You won't find me here as much now as when I started, and I suspect that others who are "succeeding" also are so busy living the life we have been blessed to regain don't get here as much as people who are trying to figure out how to work their bands or have complications. I had a member of my hospital support group share in her testimony how she worked with a number of woman who "failed" or were continually struggling with the band, but when she watched them and spoke with them the common thread was they taught themselves how to defeat the band...the "I think I can try that..." became a slippery slope right back to the bottom of the hill! Don't get me wrong, I haven't got it all figured out still, but I take the rules seriously and am so scared to find out that I can do it "another way" that I keep to the straight and narrow. I got fat because I couldn't control my food issues. I have been given a tool that is part physical and part mental and it works beautifully. So long as I am good to it, it will take care of me...kwim? Stay positive, talk to people here and follow your instructions. You will be shocked at how easy it all is and how steadily the weight will come off. Using the 1-2 lb week average, visualize where you will be at Christmas, your birthday...etc. I have found a sense of peace where for the 1st time in my life I buy clothes that don't quite fit, but "know" they will in a couple of weeks and lo and behold if they don't! Best of luck to you!
  24. Pain is a completely individual thing. What I or anyone else felt may or may not have any relevance to your situation. That said, I know for me the pain that I experienced really doesn't matter at all now. I suspect that you will be uncomfortable in the moment, but a couple months down the road it will all be "no big deal" as you are well on your journey to health. Best of luck to you! in addition to walking for gas, I found that Gas-X strips were a Godsend to deal with gas pain!
  25. WTG! I love hearing about NSVs......

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