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  1. sassye2010

    20lbs or less to go

    I was finally able to get off a few more pounds but I went to eating mostly soups. Even if ur band is tight that doesn't always help because u will find that u will eat more junk and not lose.
  2. You will do just fine with your band! Keep me posted!

  3. Welcome!! How is it going so far?

  4. sassye2010

    Sassye2010's Before and After Pics

    My Before & After Photos!
  5. I think I am finally starting to see progress again!n Slowly but surely!

  6. Thanks for the add!

  7. Shonette, I want to say thanks again for your encouragement! I need it. I was getting really discouraged and frustrated because I have been at this same weight for so long! I have to make time and make some changes though!

  8. I saw your gallery! U look great!

  9. It is encouraging that you have done so well! I will have to try harder. I got a fill a couple weeks ago and have not really been able to eat much of anything but still have not lost :(.

  10. Thank you for posting! I am at the point where I can use all the support that I can get. I have to admit I dont work out as much as I need to be. My schedule is so hectic.(excuse I know) I know I need to fit it in somewhere. Maybe thats why I can't lose anymore weight. I have been at this same weight for more than 6 months, actually I gained about pounds.

  11. sassye2010

    20lbs or less to go

    Hello, I am having the same problem. I have been at the same weight and have even gained a few pounds for over 6 months now! It is very frustrating. My band is tight now and I barely eat much but still see no loss! What do I do? Makes me say why did I even bother to do the surgery in the first place. I will keep trying though.
  12. sassye2010

    December 2010 Bandsters!!! :)

    I cant seem to get over this hump. I have been stuck and the same weight for more than 6 months.
  13. I am new to this so I am not sure how it works but I guess I will get the hang soon.

  14. OK, I am trying to get these last 30lbs off and I am having so much trouble getting it off!

  15. Hello! I can use all the help and suggestions that I can get! Send me those great low cal, high protein, Recipes!

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