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  1. AniO

    I'm hungry!

    I feel my stomach rumble and then a little acidy feeling in my stomach, but it doesn't come up, so i don't think it's reflux.
  2. AniO

    I'm hungry!

    Thanks for the respons Chilo1. When you were going through that, did your stomach rumble or did you feel churning or an acidy feeling?
  3. Woo hoo! So happy everything has gone well so far. Congrats to both of you. AniO
  4. C-sections are definitely worse. I hardly had any pain with VSG. The only time it hurt a little in the hospital was when I had to lift my body to move over or get up and even that was nothing compared to the c-sections. With the c-sections (I had three), my incision would burn every time I got up from the bed or the couch. It was nothing like that with the VSG. With my first two c-sections, I couldn't sleep flat on my back for two weeks. With the VSG, not only did I sleep flat on my back as soon as I got home, but I was able to sleep on my side just a couple of nights later.
  5. That's great weight loss for two weeks. Keep in mind, after two weeks, most people go through a stall that lasts a week or two. I'm in the midst of mine. Do not get discouraged. It is your body's way of adjusting. Good luck with everything! AniO
  6. AniO

    Hello All

    Welcome Garv! I look forward to cheering you on and hearing about your successes. AniO
  7. AniO

    18 hours post op - photos

    Aw...your cat is really cute. I love cats, but my hubby is VERY allergic. You look great. I'm glad you are recovering well. So sorry to hear about the milk. I'm so used to chugging Water. I could usually drink a tall glass in a few seconds. I do miss that. AniO
  8. AniO

    Tomorrow is SLEEVE DAY!

    Congrats on making it to Onederland! Yippee! As for the soft foods, my nutritionist said that runs anywhere from purees to cottage cheese to soft scrambled eggs to flakey fish. Have you seen the website theworldaccordingtoeggface She's got really great recipes for all stages and she also has a section for pureed foods. I'm going to try the ricotta bake today. I've heard people here and on Obesity Help rave about it. Hope you're feeling even better today! AniO
  9. AniO

    Coffee and Alcohol?

    My nut told me no alcohol for a year. Many surgeons say the same thing as a precaution. They don't want you to develop a transfer addiction. A co-worker of mine became an alcoholic after her gastric bypass and she passed away from liver disease three years after surgery. That's enough to get me to listen to my nutritionist. AniO
  10. My surgery took over 2 hours. I had been taking fish oil until 9 days before surgery and because of that, my blood was oozing. Everytime he put a staple on, blood oozed. Thankfully I wasn't hemmorhaging. I was never in danger, I didn't need a transfusion. AniO
  11. Whoa! You look wonderful. What an inspiration.
  12. AniO

    keeping your old stomach!

    I too wanted to see my stomach and forgot to ask. LOL. I'm glad I'm not the only one.
  13. I went to see my nut today and she told me to try 1/4 cup ricotta cheese mixed with a half a tablespoon of sugar free vanilla pudding mix and a little vanilla. She said it taste like cannoli filling. I tried it today. I will say it doesn't taste like cannoli filling, but it is very good. AniO
  14. I'm definitely going to try the pizza alternatives, that's probably what I will do for regular pizza cravings. I've never been a 2 or 3 slice girl. Usually a slice and a half, maybe 2 if I was really hungry. So I guess a half a slice once in a while won't hurt, once I'm a few months out, that is. And like Jane said, once I try it, I may not like it anymore. AniO
  15. So I know that eating bread is difficult for a while. That being said, how long usually until a VSG'r can have pizza again? Will I at least be able to eat the toppings any time soon? I am one week out. Of all the foods I thought I'd miss, I didn't think pizza and toast with butter would be at the top of my list. AniO
  16. AniO

    I still feel FAT

    I've lost 15 so far (sleeved on August 18th). My pants still fit the same at the waist, but are looser around my hips, so don't just go by your pants. Everyone loses differently. My cousin's weight loss was noticeable more from his face first, but then his body followed suit. You may even still be a little swollen. It's been less than three weeks afterall.
  17. Maddie, I'll be praying that all goes well for you and that they can get you in there ASAP, fix and find your problem. AniO
  18. AniO

    Tomorrow is SLEEVE DAY!

    Glad your home now. Sipping was very painful for me too for the first week. I'm almost two weeks post op now and the sipping is sooooo much easier. You'll get there before you know it.
  19. KKB, I'm so glad for you! Having family support is not necessary, but it sure makes this easier. Your surgery is only 11 days away! Can't wait 'til you're on the loser's bench!
  20. I'm 11 days post-op. Yesterday, I was able to slip my engagement ring back on my finger! I haven't been able to wear it for a year. Another one of my short term goals was to weigh what I weighed went I got pregnant with my first child, 216. This morning I weighed in at 215! Hot diggity dog! AniO
  21. My mom was talking about burgers the other day. We told her about Red Robin's burgers. She's never been there. She and my dad just moved to Puerto Rico, and I don't think they have Red Robin over there. She's going back to PR next Thursday, so my hubby decided to take her and the kids to eat there tonight. I am 9 days post op. I know I can get their French Onion Soup broth base without the cheese or bread. But I'm not sure if being there will make me sad. It's either go with them or stay home by myself.
  22. AniO

    I'm hungry!

    I agree with Seaview. I now realize that for the last few years, what I thought was hunger was actually acid. I've got the hiatal hernia repair to prove it LOL. Many times after a very large meal I would get what I thought was hunger pains. I now know it was acid and my body actually digesting the big meal, not wanting more.
  23. AniO

    "Suprise" VSG!

    That's awesome. That sure does cut down on the anxiety. Good luck and God bless you. Please keep us posted. AniO
  24. Thanks guys. I went and had a good time I sipped on my (way too salty) broth and was fine watching my family enjoy their meal. While helping my 4 year old get the whipped cream off of his shake, I almost absentmindedly put the end of the straw with shake and cream in my mouth, but stopped myself. LOL. It was a nice time and my mom really loved her burger and garlic fries. AniO

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