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  1. Ok...i'm two weeks out from surgery and my stay strip thingies have fallen off. I have one incision that bleeds now and then. But what really bugs me, and I need to know if this is normal, is as i look down my body, it looks like i have third breast under my right breast!

    Under my right breast, in my "belly" area, under the largest incision, it is sticking out and hard. Is that normal?

    It's noticeable and embarrassing! But if it's normal, i'll deal with it!


  2. I just got back from the doctor's, it was my first fill. I must admitt I thought it was going to hurt more then it did, just a little uncomfy. I am in a real pissy mood now though. My doctor said to me, "I have never had anyone in my history of LAP-BAND® surgery gain weight during the first eight weeks." I wanted to cry right then and there. I don't know why my weight went up, I am back up to 335, was down to 328 or so since surgery. I have been down on myself enough because I don't understand why I am not losing. I told him that it was hard for me to not eat as much as I use to because my band was not filled, I only had about .25 cc's in it after surgery. I know he wasn't trying to be hateful with what he said but it really hurt. The only person I can be mad at is myself. I have got to get more serious. I NEED to excersise and make healthier food choices. I refuse to let him look down on me again...

    NEVER AGAIN will I allow my doctor to make me feel like I am not making a difference with the band!

    What an ass! Sheesh! I'm only two weeks out from surgery but i definitely see where i might gain the few pounds I lost and maybe more. There's nothing stopping the flow of the food i'm shoveling in there! :blushing:

    You're doing great and you have an amazing attitude! And, you're not alone.

  3. 22 pounds!! Good for you! That's remarkable! I had mine the 13th as well and i'm excited to have lost 7 pounds! but...i'm not as strong as you...i've cheated quite a bit. I'm allowed to start "soft" foods this Tuesday and started this week. I'm also eating ice cream...sooo bad. But I have been good on the drink front - i've stuck mostly to Water and haven't had my greatest weakness: fountain soda.

    Keep up the amazing work! :blushing:

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