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  1. lessofme2010

    Why Do We Lose Our Hair?

    I haven't lost any hair. I have had many surgeries and not lost hair.. Who knows why?? I did lose some hair when I had my children many years ago. I am 6 mo. Out today and no hairloss so far. Fingers crossed it stays that way. Julie
  2. lessofme2010

    Crying Inwardly, Can't Believe He Said This!

    I am so sorry for you!! i don't have words just want to give you a hug... I am sure he didn't mean it to be mean,,,but it came off that way...he should have said things differently. Not standing up for him by any means!! Take care of yourself and don't starve yourself... You know what to do to lose ..Remember you have lost 150 freakin pounds...You have what it takes!!! Noiw you just have to believe it!! Julie
  3. lessofme2010

    Oldest Sleeve?

    I don't see how that is possible.. this surgery has been used for years with people that have had stomach cancer... It's not new by any means! Julie
  4. lessofme2010

    What 80 Pounds Does To Someone's Face!

    You look so much younger!!! Julie
  5. When I had my surgery with Dr. Kelly he was revising someone from the gastric bypass with the band to a sleeve. She rode in the van with me. She said Dr. Kelly is the only one she trusted.. My sleeve surgery with Dr. Kelly was awesome. He is highly skilled at the sleeve.. Julie
  6. lessofme2010


    I eat salad all the time . I will be 4 months out on the 10th. Julie
  7. lessofme2010

    I Think I'm Eating Too Much

    I am 4 mo. out soon ad can eat 3oz. meat. easily. Julie
  8. I would do 2 shakes a day plus a healthy meal of protien and veggie for a couple of weeks . It shrinks the liver and that way you won't have to worry about your liver being to large. Julie
  9. lessofme2010

    Food Smells Different.

    I do hair and nails and right after surgery my smeller was on overdrive.. I could tell you which customers ate garlic the night before from about 2 feet away. It has gotten back to normal now. Julie
  10. lessofme2010

    Dr. Kelly Drama, Coordinators, Etc.

    I loved Trish , but understand there are isssues when using a coordinator. Dr. Kelly is worth going the extra mile. Book Right with him . You will not be sorry!!!!! Can't say that enoguh!! Julie
  11. lessofme2010

    How Different We Really Are

    I am 5'6" and day of surgery I was 259 wearing a size 20 jeans. I am now 229 wearing a 18 , but soon to be 16. Julie
  12. lessofme2010

    Time Off From Work

    Everyone is differnet. I am a hairdresser and own my own salon . I had surgery on a Thursday and was back to work the following Thursday. I only did Part time, but really couldn't have been gone too much longer. Customers thought I only had my gall bladder out. Which I did , but along with my sleeve. Julie
  13. lessofme2010

    Bad Santa

    I thought so too but no gain!! Good luck! Julie
  14. lessofme2010

    Need A Recipe Fast!

    EASAdvantage makes a strawberry ready to drink that tastes like a shake. You could put it in a blender with some berries and ice and I bet it would be very close to a shake. Julie
  15. I had surgery 11/10 weighed 259 day of surgery today I weigh 242= -17 Julie
  16. I go to the airport at 5:15 am to head for Mexico. Surgery will be at 3 pm. I want today to go by fast so I can't get there and get it done! Any prayers would be very welcomed! Thanks, Julie
  17. From what I have heard you NEVER want to feel FULL just satisfied. Julie
  18. lessofme2010

    Timing of your surgery

    I am having mine 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. So no Turkey for me this year... This will actually be the very fisrt holidays that I haven't gained weight!!!! My husband said I didn't have to cook Thanksgiving dinner , but Iwould not do that to my kids.. Just because I had surgery doesn't mean they should all go without. They have all offered to help me though I will be on full liquids by that time. I will be okay. By Christmas I should be on to more regg. food. Julie
  19. I am going to dr. Kelly on the 10th..I will just miss you!! Julie
  20. lessofme2010


    I start my pre-op this Thursday. It is protien shakes , cream Soups , Water, propel, Jello, popsicles, and one meal a day of protien and a veggie. No carbs . I am going to cut out coffee too so I don't have the withdrawl right after surgery. The last 3 days is Clear liquids only.. Julie
  21. I have also been told to take thyroid meds on and empty stomach and NEVER with any thing else . supplements cancel out the synthroid.... Please ask your Dr. Julie
  22. lessofme2010

    November 30th

    Congrats on your date!! Mine is Nov. 10th. They will be here before we know it Julie
  23. How long (Weeks/Months) before your surgery did you stop drinking alcohol and caffiene???? Thanks for your responses! Julie
  24. lessofme2010

    Surgery One Month Away YIKES!

    I am going on the 10th of nov. I am going alone also. Good question. I am only taking a backpack. Won't need much. Hope it isn't too heavy. Good luck!!! Julie

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